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White Papers To Avoid Buying Mistakes IT Help Desk

Whitepaper Series on Software/Cloud Buying Process

These white papers help avoid mistakes that even the most experienced professionals make that cost a lot of time and money. Now, learn to approach the buying process in a much more rigorous and analytical manner.

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Do Check Signers Have Significant Pain? Are Funds Approved and Set Aside? Document Feature Needs & Requirements


Avoid 8 Major Mistakes When Buying Any Software or Cloud Service

These whitepapers are part of a series.


Do Check Signers Have Significant Pain?

Are Funds Approved and Set Aside?

Learn Latest Help Desk and Customer Service Best Practices

Determine Problems with the Current Call Tracking System

Document Feature Needs & Requirements

Ask Vendors Tough Questions Early and Often

Compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of All Vendors

Important License Agreement Terms


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Customer Support Software's Gravatar You have covered some excellent topics in helping to evaluate a company's current situation and where there could be/should be room for improvement. It is important to get the software that is the right fit for the company and the application. The features of the software differ as much as the companies looking to implement them. It is important that the software address your current needs, yet has the ability to grow as your company grows. By implementing the software that best fits your needs, it helps to give the Customer Support team members the tool they need to push customer care to the next level.
# Posted By Customer Support Software at 5/4/13 12:03 PM