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HIPAA Protects More Than Healthcare

HIPAA Security & Data Protection

Worried about protecting the information with which customers trust your company? Afraid that a data breach is inevitable if your company transitions to a cloud-based system? With the stringent requirements in healthcare IT, some cloud providers are HIPAA compliant. But, this can not only be good for healthcare IT systems, but any company can benefit from these extra levels of security compliance.

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The Help Desk For The Midmarket CIO

Midmarket Help Desk

The help desk is the face of the IT organization—it must be efficient and credible, or else it will bring negative consequences. However, the traditional help desk is antiquated and completely unprepared to keep pace with exponentially evolving business demands.

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How to Reduce Conflict Among Employees

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between colleagues are inevitable. However, there are several measures to help avoid and mediate conflicts. Through an interview with, Kumud Kalia, former CIO of Direct Energy (now CIO at Akamai Technologies), details why conflicts arise and how to deal with existing and potential conflicts in the future.

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The Giva Challenge: Giva Customers are Talking! San Jacinto Community College

San Jacinto Community College

One generally presumes businesses and corporations when they think of IT department support. However, IT support for colleges and universities in the U.S. is growing exponentially in light of the technological revolution.

One such example is San Jacinto Community College (SJC). Based in Pasadena, Texas, SJC serves approximately 30,000 credit students and 2,500 faculty and staff. The IT department has 115 employees supporting three campuses, a District office and several extension centers.

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The Plus Side to Customer Escalations

Customer Service Feedback Escalations

Dreading that email from your customer service team that tells you a customer has escalated a complaint? You shouldn't be. Giva's recent TMCnet article "Customer Escalations: Why You Should Reward Customers Who Complain" explains how an escalation can be a good thing.

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The Giva Challenge: Giva Customers Are Talking! MetroHealth System

MetroHealth System

MetroHealth System, a hospital system providing quality care for over 175 years, has a history of constant growth and expansion. With humble beginnings in 1837 as the Cleveland, Ohio city infirmary, serving a population of 6,000 people, it experienced exponential growth with the arrival of the industrial revolution. Today, MetroHealth is one of the largest and most comprehensive public health systems in the country.

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3 Tips for Businesses Supporting Education

CSR & Education

A key component of CSR (corporate social responsibility) is education. Since businesses play an integral role in local communities, they have a great opportunity to help educate local young scholars.

"We want businesses to partner with schools to provide resources and opportunities, for example, by sponsoring events, providing class speakers, offering internships, or donating equipment and money," education website Edutopia said.

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2015 IT Salary Survey Highlights

Salary Survey

TechTarget recently published the results from their 2015 IT salary survey; a compilation of information from 1,783 U.S. respondents spanning all different levels of IT personnel.

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Recovering Lost Trust

Recovering Lost Trust or Bad Reputation

The worst has happened. A product that took months and months to develop has to be recalled. A database with thousands and thousands of files containing personal information has been breached. The CEO is resigning, the media are relentless, and the customers are distraught.

Or perhaps there has been a breakdown in customer service, and the tarnishing of your company's reputation is spreading like wildfire on social media.

It is a PR nightmare, but eventually you wake up and another day begins. Now it is time to start recovering lost trust.

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11 Ways To Become a Better Leader In IT

Successful IT Leadership asked several authors and IT industry experts how to become a better CIO, or for that matter, a better leader. Each individual stressed the importance of time commitment in order to become better individually or collectively as a team. Below are 11 different highlights to consider:

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