Giva Labs - jQuery maskerade Plug-in

Keyboard Usage

Type the input as expected or use the following special keyboard commands:

Go to next mask position (or next field)
⇧ + TAB
Go to previous mask position (or previous field)
Go to next mask position
Go to previous mask position
Increase the current mask value
Decrease the current mask value
Reset current changes
Deletes current mask value (or entire mask if selected)
Same as [DEL] key.
Go to first mask position
Go to last mask position
NOTE: Standard keyboard operations such as "Select All", "Copy" and "Paste" should all work.

Example 1 - Standard implementation

Example 2 - Default Values

Example 2 - Default Values (with data-value defaults)

Example 3 - Min Values

Example 4 - Max Values

Example 5 - Min & Max Values

Example 6 - Binding Min & Max Values

Example 7 - Custom Events

NOTE: Press [N] on your keyboard to set the "Custom Event" fields to today's date. This is an example of using a custom keyboard handler to perform a special operation.

Example 8 - Language (French)

Example 9 - Destroying Mask Input