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Intuitive, Robust Customer Service Application

Since 1999, Giva has been creating the most intuitive and easy to use customer service ticketing system. Your team will be able to create customer service tickets fast–in just two "clicks"! With our real-time dashboards, robust reporting and intuitiveness, it's no wonder that Giva constantly beats products like FrontRange HEAT®, BMC® FootPrints™, BMC® Track-It!™ , ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, SysAid HelpDesk and® Service Cloud in head-to-head competition and in customer service software reviews.

Giva's Customer Service Software Improves Productivity

Measurable Gains in Customer Service Efficiency

Giva customer service software is proven to improve customer service productivity. Our customers are achieving significant productivity improvements such as:

Self-Help Reduces Calls & Increases Customer Satisfaction

Empower Customers, Ease Customer Service Agent Workload

One of the most effective ways organizations can reduce the demand on their customer service is to provide their customers with a 24x7 customer service software self-help portal. When you use Giva's knowledge base software, customers can search and resolve problems when convenient for them. Customers can also view, create or updates customer service tickets and browse knowledge articles using a simple interface that requires no training.

Simple & Elegant Cloud Customer Service Software

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use

We have legions of designers that nitpick interface details down to the pixel level for the benefit of our customer service application. The brightest customer service software industry usability experts and interface designers mull over the look and feel of Giva's customer service ticketing system with every new release. All this yields customer service software that is so simply elegant. Our customers give us a constant flow of kudos that sustains our high bar and it fuels Giva to continue to obsess over every detail to give you an unparalleled experience.

Best-in-Class Customer Service Reports

Designed for Decision Making

Quickly answering the phones or responding to emails from your customers is only one aspect of providing superior customer service support. You also need to identify ways to reduce customer service call volume and glean other key insights that can help reduce call time, increase first call resolution and increase customer satisfaction. Our reports are designed by award winning Customer Service Institute (HDI) customer service practitioners and get extraordinarily high marks from our customers. You can pick from a list of templates and instantly get actionable customer service support information with little effort. Giva has built our own reporting engine, which is vastly easier to learn and use than other customer service applications, quickly giving you KPIs, and charts and metrics.

Easy to Configure

Customized Customer Service Software Without Programmers or Consultants

Your customer service ticketing system has to be flexible and adapt to the way you run your organization. Customizable customer service applications that are not easy to use and maintain will cost a lot of time and money over the long run. With Giva customer service software, you can define business rules and customize the workflow based upon how your customer service support organization works. Giva is built for small, medium and large organizations, from a five person department that can be up and running on Giva in just hours, or an organization with a hundred IT people that can start using Giva in just days. Also, multiple independent service desks can be uniquely customized with strong role based administration.

Best Customer Service Dashboard

Real-Time Information for Management and Customer Service Agents

Giva provides a truly illuminating customer service dashboard. No matter what the size of your service desk team, they need to quickly identify issues that require immediate attention. Giva provides a truly extraordinary dashboard with the help of many successful CIOs and customer service managers. The Giva customer service system dashboard shows only what is important and needs action, which keeps the customer service and other service groups extremely focused on the most urgent issues. With Giva, nothing will ever again "fall through the cracks"; we give your IT and service desk teams a laser like focus.

Seamlessly Integrated Customer Service, Knowledge Base, Change Management and Asset Management

Software Applications that Work Together

Giva's customer service software application integrates with a knowledge base application, which allows you to very easily create and maintain knowledge articles/solutions and an FAQ, helping agents to quickly find solutions to issues, and providing self-help capability for your customers. Giva also offers asset and change management applications, which tightly integrate with the customer service ticketing system for ITIL best practices.

Customer Service Service Level Agreements & Ticket Escalations

Monitor Customer Service Commitments and Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important aspects of a customer service is making sure your customers' issues are being solved quickly and efficiently. Service level agreements (SLAs) with automated escalations insure that service requests are resolved by a severity level based upon your customer's urgency. Using an intuitive color coded system on the dashboard, you can quickly view which customer service tickets are under, just under or over your defined service level agreements. If a support ticket breaches the service level agreement, our automated escalation rules engine notifies the most appropriate people or teams so the issue is never overlooked.

Customer Service Ticketing Software that Converts Emails To Tickets

Flexible Customer Support

Quickly responding to emails from your users is a critical part of every customer service. Giva streamlines this workflow by automatically and quickly processing incoming emails and converting them directly into new tickets or updating existing tickets. File attachments and screen shots in emails are also processed and become part of the customer service ticket. No more tedious cutting and pasting from emails to your customer service software interface.

Stellar Giva Technical Support

Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

You have a strong commitment to your customers and your customer service software vendor should be just as committed to you. Giva provides contractually committed respond and resolve service level agreements (SLAs) for technical support to all of our customers at no additional charge. Furthermore, we take great pride servicing our customers and earning high ratings from the customer satisfaction surveys that are sent out after each of your requests is closed to your satisfaction. Your voice is important to us for new product features and enhancements and we will often survey our customers to listen to what they need, helping us make Giva a better and better product with every new release.

Legal IT Customer Service Software

Law Software to Increase Lawyer Customer Satisfaction

Law firm customer services are under increasing pressure to become more responsive to clients, while reducing their costs. As they strive to become more services-centric, law firms are placing renewed emphasis on legal staff productivity, cost control, and operating efficiency, including legal IT and law firm customer services. Giva customer service software solutions help law firm customer services provide fast, effective service to busy attorneys; access real-time report information for quick corrective action; minimize customer service application administration and maintenance; provide easy-to-use law software applications for legal professionals and support staff; and automate routine legal IT business processes.

Healthcare IT Customer Service Software

Healthcare Software for Medical IT Staff

From multi-hospital installations to independent physician practices, healthcare organizations worldwide are needing to provide enhanced, timely, high-quality patient care at an affordable price. To meet this goal, caregivers must streamline and automate the healthcare environment, including IT healthcare customer service software systems, so they can make timely decisions and facilitate better healthcare quality, safety, and affordability. Giva customer service software is helping numerous customers in the medical IT sector reduce costs, speed issue resolution, increase customer satisfaction, and help with EMR/EHR adoption.

Giva Customer Service Software Increases Healthcare ROI

Address Your Medical Customer Service Needs

Giva is an ideal hospital customer service software service application for addressing your EHR adoption, HIE deployments, meaningful use, pay-for-performance, HIPAA compliance, regulatory and patient safety incident reporting needs. Empower your healthcare customer service personnel with insights into actual workflow, processes, tasks, healthcare software application performance-related problems, configuration changes, and usage patterns of your physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Improve your time to answer, track HIPAA compliance, report patient safety incidents and reduce expensive downtime with Giva's customizable resource guides, intake forms, workflow templates and documentation practices.

Giva's Healthcare Customer Service Software Improves Productivity

Measurable Gains in Medical Customer Service Efficiency

Giva customer service software is proven to improve healthcare IT customer service productivity. Our customers are achieving significant productivity improvements such as:

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