Select Service Desk at Login

Learn how to provide a list of service desks at login time so users are sure to enter issues in the correct service desk


For organizations using multiple Service Desks in Giva, the option to select a specific service desk upon logging in can significantly enhance user experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for directing Agents and Customers to the correct service desk right from the start.

Choosing a Service Desk at Login

  • Selecting Upon Login: When logging into Giva, if your organization utilizes multiple Service Desks, you will be prompted to choose the appropriate one. Simply select the desired service desk and click "Select Service Desk", or you can double-click the service desk in the list.
  • Benefits for Customer Self-Service Portal: This feature is crucial when using the Customer Self-Service portal. It helps prevent Customers from mistakenly entering information into the wrong Service Desk, ensuring it reaches the right Agents.

Administrative Settings for Service Desk Selection

  • Accessing Advanced Settings: Giva administrators can enable or disable this login feature. Navigate to the Advanced Settings administration page, and find the "Enable Service Desk Selection at Login" option.
  • Modifying the Setting: To activate or deactivate the service desk selection prompt, check or uncheck the corresponding checkbox.

Adding Descriptions to Service Desks

Before enabling the service desk selection feature, it's recommended to add descriptions for each Service Desk on the "Service Desks" administration page. This clarification is especially helpful for Customers using the Self-Service portal, as it makes the purpose of each Service Desk clear.

Personal Preference Settings for Service Desk Selection

Agents or Administrators can choose to bypass the service desk selection step for their own logins. This can be done in two ways:
  • In the service desk list, check the box next to "Always select the last used service desk and skip this step."
  • Alternatively, go to the Personal Preferences page and uncheck the checkbox next to the Set Service Desk Selection at Login option.
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