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Welcome to Giva Labs. This is Giva's Research & Development organization. Giva believes in the Open Source movement and giving back to the development community. While our focus is to deliver the very best help desk and customer service/call center applications in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market, sometimes we develop something so unique we want to share it with the world!
We plan on using the Giva Labs as a place where we can share code and tips to the development community. We hope that you will find this as exciting as we do!
Giva Labs

jQuery Plug-ins

  • iButton jQuery Plug-in — The iButton plug-in takes a checkbox or radio element and converts it into an iPhone-style button.
  • jNotify jQuery Plug-in — The jQuery jNotify plug-in is an unobtrusive notification system for web-based applications. Use jNotify to inform users when specific actions have completed on your site—such as when an AJAX operation complete.
  • Linkselect jQuery Plug-in — The Linkselect plug-in takes a <select /> element and converts it into stylish DHTML component with full keyboard support and intelligent positioning of the drop down menu!
  • Marquee jQuery Plug-in — The Marquee plug-in converts a list element (<ul /> or <ol />) into an ESPN-style scrolling ticker/marquee!
  • mcDropdown jQuery Plug-in — The mcDropdown plug-in is a unique UI form controlled designed to give you a multi-column, hierarchical tree control. It's like a <select /> element on steroids!
  • Maskerade jQuery Plug-in — The Maskerade jQuery plug-in allows for validating dates/times, enforcing masks, automatically interprets keyboard entries based on mask settings, and tries to incorporate all of the best functionality of other date/time plug-ins.
  • MouseIntent jQuery Plug-in — The MouseIntent jQuery plug-in was designed to improve mouse movement usability by providing a way to try and detect a user's intent when mousing away from an element. If the user quickly moves away from an element, but then moves back into the element, the element will not throw a "mouseaway" event.