IT Support Solutions for Colleges and Universities

  • Fast deployment: Cloud-based solution up and running in a matter of days
  • Train in 1 hour: Train your staff in an hour
  • Data-driven decision-making: Robust, fast & painless reporting
  • Highly customizable: No programming or consultants

How Giva Works for Universities and Colleges

What problems does Giva solve for higher education?

Customer support in higher education involves assisting students, faculty, prospective students, employees, vendors, or partners. Higher education is an excellent example of an organization that supports a diverse group of internal and external customers. At colleges and universities, teams assist prospective students with inquiries about careers, courses, admission status, etc. After a student becomes matriculated, various teams assist with planning classes, collecting tuition, placing students in dormitories, etc.
Student classes involve the daily usage of a variety of IT equipment and services, including PCs, laptops, printers, mobile phones, Internet access, and network connections. When IT-related issues arise, the IT Service Desk provides the needed assistance.
At the beginning of each academic year, IT and other teams typically waste time answering the same questions repeatedly. This work becomes monotonous and lowers morale and employee satisfaction. With Giva, IT and other support teams can leverage their expertise by creating a self-service knowledge base and FAQs to answer common questions in a uniform manner, resulting in high productivity.
Here is how colleges and universities can use Giva:
Streamline internal and external communications
Many administrative departments receive questions via email, phone, and "drive by" in-person. With Giva, all the issues are centralized and accessible in a single "pane of glass". The entire college or university becomes highly organized and systematic using Giva. Multiple independent Service Desks can be used for IT, Human Resources, Facilities, Admissions, Alumni Relations, etc. for creating and managing tickets. It's easy to prioritize all the requests using severity levels and service level agreements.
Collaborate easily with Giva
Giva features such as Macros, Quick Tickets, Quick Resolutions, Parent/Child Tickets, Tsunami Tickets™, Scheduled Tasks, and other features help create order out of chaos during the busy times for onboarding and processing new students. Cross-functional teams can collaborate effortlessly to quickly get all the administrative work completed leaving an audit trail with files and screen shots attached to tickets. Giva's ITSM software is an integrated platform that captures projects, workflows and anything else needed to provide outstanding support to faculty and students.
Empower students and faculty with a single self-service portal
Faculty and students can access a white label portal for information, announcements, and IT services. It is an extension of the institution and allows anybody to create and edit their own tickets, as well as search a knowledge base/FAQ. The portal provides information at the right time and allows for discovery of resources and campus services regardless of time or location. Configuration options allow you to ask detailed questions based upon dependencies so that the proper information is collected, and troubleshooting can commence immediately.
Reduce manual labor with integrations
Giva has tools that can help reduce ongoing administration. Secure integrations and bulk record uploads/updates enable teams to work more productively.
Giva integration with any application or system
Your technical teams could write programs to gather information from applications and systems, including attachments, and programmatically submit the information to Giva's API, automatically creating a ticket in Giva. This would allow you to securely integrate any of your educational applications and systems directly with Giva's ticketing system while maintaining high security. Colleges and universities are not in a regulated industry requiring HIPAA compliance, but they will still receive the benefits of Giva's advanced security that is required for healthcare customers.
Extend Giva to student groups
All colleges and universities have student groups that can also use Giva in an independent Service Desk to manage their operations, budgets, and track programs, membership, finances, and goal setting.
Giva mobile application
Our mobile application allows agents to work on tickets when they are anywhere on the campus and keep updating their assigned tickets while they complete the work on-the-fly. This helps increase visibility of the work done by all team members.
Change Management tools minimize unplanned downtime and disruptions
Downtime for maintenance is required for technology in any organization. For higher education such as colleges and universities, it's critical to ensure reliability of services for students and faculty. Giva's ITSM software for education institutions provides robust change management tools to help increase uptime and reliability.
  • Plan, track, and implement requests for changes (RFCs) with Giva's ITSM software for education.
  • Standardize IT change management practices across the organization.
  • Minimize change related failure which causes downtime.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by proactively warning when IT services will not be available.
  • Use the Giva Change Calendar to plan and coordinate all IT changes with clear visibility and possible impact.

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