IT Solutions for Hospitals, Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers

Learn more about Giva's IT Service Management, IT Help Desk and Customer Service and the benefits to hospitals, clinics, behavioral health, rehabilitation facilities and other healthcare organizations.

  • Fast deployment: Cloud-based solution up and running in a matter of days
  • Train in 1 hour: Train your staff in an hour
  • Data-driven decision-making: Robust, fast & painless reporting
  • Highly customizable: No programming or consultants

How Giva Works for Hospitals, Clinics, Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Facilities

Healthcare organizations work with hundreds of hospital software applications. Find out why Giva is a leading cloud-based IT provider for:

  • Hospitals, including academic medical centers, acute hospitals
  • Ambulatory surgery centers, children's hospitals, small community hospitals
  • Hospital networks, large hospital systems, long-term care hospitals
  • Osteopathic hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals
  • Research hospitals, rural hospitals, specialty hospitals
  • State, federal and Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals
  • Trauma center hospitals, teaching hospitals, and nonprofit hospitals
  • Assisted living, long-term care, skilled nursing facilities and hospice facilities
  • Behavioral and mental health organizations
  • Rehabilitation centers and clinics (addiction recovery, occupational health, and physical therapy)
  • EHR management providers and healthcare suppliers/vendors
  • Life sciences healthcare providers
  • Healthcare management service organizations (MSO)
  • Testing laboratories
  • Medical billing, coding, and revenue cycle management firms
What problems does Giva solve for hospitals, hospital networks and clinics?
Giva helps hospitals deliver HIPAA-compliant patient centered services efficiently, safely, and securely. Our help desk, IT service management and patient service cloud solutions are powerful tools for technology people and are also easy to learn and use by hospital clinicians. Giva helps hospital networks and clinics support current and new healthcare technologies and emerging patient trends.
Benefits for healthcare organizations
Hospitals, hospital networks and clinics of all sizes use Giva's HIPAA-compliant offerings for internal Information Technology and patient service/support functions. Giva increases automation, decreases labor costs, increases transparency and security/compliance, measures performance and accountability using reports and real-time dashboards.
Improve patient experience with better IT & clinical collaboration
Giva can easily integrate with EHRs or other hospital software applications so that the IT organization can be more responsive to clinicians who can then better serve patients. Clinical practitioners can create cases within any hospital software application. Creating a case within an application where there is a problem helps facilitate fast understanding and information sharing between clinical and IT people and results in faster resolutions and better patient care.
Giva decreases support costs
Giva's customers also include specialists in healthcare, such as radiology groups, assisted living facilities, addiction treatment centers, EHR management providers, MSOs, and billing, coding, and revenue cycle management firms. Giva increases efficiency and decreases support costs for hospitals and hospital networks, clinics and laboratories, private practices and medical groups, and specialty practices.

Case Studies from Giva's Clients