IT Service Management (ITSM), Help Desk & Customer Support for Banks & Financial Firms

  • Fast deployment: Cloud-based solution up and running in a matter of days
  • Train in 1 hour: Train your financial and banking support staff in an hour
  • Data-driven decision-making: Robust, fast & painless reporting
  • Highly customizable: No programming or consultants

How Giva Works for Banks, Financial Firms & Fintech Customer Service

What can Giva do for banks, financial firms and fintech customer service? Financial people are all about data and metrics, so we speak your language!

Improve customer experience
Assist your agents and skilled personnel to act faster and make the right decisions by improving the customer service journey.  Achieve this important goal and at the same time improve security.
Enhance risk mitigation
Financial service firms are the biggest targets for cyberattacks which have exponentially increased over the last decade. Giva's HIPAA compliance is included as standard for all Giva customers so they receive peace of mind from our high security and compliance at no additional cost.
Speed innovation, reduce costs
Today's financial services platforms face significant competition from disruptive fintechs and other upstarts. Using Giva automation and centralizing on a single platform can help reduce costs and increase competitiveness.
Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
Use Giva to reduce repetitive tasks and increase the amount of meaningful work so your staff experiences improved morale and job satisfaction.
Giva understands banks, financial firms, fintechs and rule-breaking upstarts
Whether you are a mid-sized bank or one of the world's top financial firms employing thousands, Giva understands the unique requirements of global banks, federal banks, independent banks, fintech firms, hedge funds, wealth advisers, etc. We understands that your client facing teams have never ending deadlines and are constantly battling technology, so they need issues resolved quickly.
Giva has unique troubleshooting tools and knowledgebases to assist IT and customer service employees. Giva's workflow processes and automation also helps decrease time to resolve and increase end user and customer satisfaction. Giva's tools, reporting and metrics help with root cause analysis so systemic steps can be taken to reduce IT Service Desk incidents and problems.
Securely integrate Giva with any bank or financial services software
Giva can securely integrate with any bank or financial services software such as Oracle, SAP, NCR, and Finastra so that technical help requests can be made within any banking software. This eliminates the need for a call to the IT Service Desk or customer service team since issues are quickly documented with screenshots so trouble shooting can instantly begin.
Your technical teams could also write programs to gather information from your cloud or on-premises financial services software and systems, including attachments, and programmatically submit the information to Giva's API, automatically creating a ticket in Giva. This allows secure integration with any of your financial applications and systems directly with Giva's IT Service Management and Customer Service suite while maintaining the highest security. This provides a much better experience for any customer-facing application or platform.
Financial services software can integrate with Giva and improve customer service
Financial services software built by ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) can integrate Giva within their platforms to enhance the supportability and improve customer service. Their customers would be able to create support requests within any financial services software and eliminate the need for a phone call or email to the ISV. This will simplify technical support and maintain high security. Screenshots and files can also be included in these requests.