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See how Giva's custom data dashboards enable customer support managers to see exactly what's going on, and most importantly how customers are being impacted.
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Valuable data insights for managers

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Vice Presidents of Customer Service, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT leader's primarily are responsible for articulating the value their organizations provide, how they increase company profitability and ultimately how they lead to customer satisfaction and retention. Carefully monitoring real-time performance metrics with customer dashboards and reports can help.

Monitor performance to reduce a high volume of calls

Giva's custom dashboards enable leaders to see exactly what's going on, and most importantly how customers are being impacted. They allow leaders and staff to take quick action to remedy small problems before they get big. A customer service dashboard also helps in measuring the short-term effectiveness of support teams.

Custom dashboards for the way you work

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Imagine viewing your department's workload in a customer support dashboard that's easily configured with widgets tailored to meet your needs. This allows you to quickly understand who's working on what. With just a glance before walking into an important meeting, you gain some quick insights to understand:
  • Customer satisfaction
  • First call resolution
  • Overall ticket volume
  • Service level agreement compliance
  • Top ticket categories
  • Age of open tickets
  • VIP tickets
  • Unassigned tickets
  • Who's logged in
  • Who's working on what

Save time, improve efficiency

Quickly comprehensible custom analytics

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It is important to understand which problems need immediate attention. This information must be easy to read and comprehend, and it must be actionable. If the same issues are highlighted repeatedly, then maybe parts of the organization need improvement.
Senior leaders often do not have a lot of time to pour over data to synthesize insights. They want to get a quick sense of key problems, issues, and hot spots of their customers with insights that are obvious because they are visual and in colors.

Focus on data-driven decision making to reduce high call volumes

With Giva custom dashboards your team can keep focused on their priorities, and supervisors and leaders will be able to see a broad overview of all the issues to make better decisions. Being able to easily identify the most important issues will assure they are addressed first.

Real-time custom analytics

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Many support organizations are overloaded with requests for new and updated spreadsheets, pivot tables, and reports. Custom dashboards are automatic and use real-time data and don't require labor, which ends up saving a significant amount of time and resources.
The data can be acted on right away to solve problems. Using reporting analytics is an important part of the monitoring and evaluation process. However, reports are historical, so they're all about what already happened, not what's actually happening right now.

Visualize data and analytics

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Custom dashboards can be used to visualize relevant metrics and KPIs to measure team productivity and effectiveness. Senior leaders can judge the overall health of a business based on metrics. They must be easy to access and understand to provide everyone with insights for good data-driven decisions.

Easy to make comparisons

It's important that your service dashboards adds context to the data. The custom dashboards should allow you to compare current data with a previous time period which can be a very long or short. When data is visualized and in real-time you can often find relationships and correlations that were hidden in an excel spreadsheet.

Create custom dashboards

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The Giva service dashboard consists of small cards or widgets, that come from a library of pre-configured widgets. With the default layout provided, there is no administration or set-up required.

Customer service dashboard

You can move the cards around on your dashboard, and you can resize them as well. Each person can set up their own dashboard just the way that they like it.
There are many kinds of widgets available, and you can see a sample of each widget while building your customer service dashboard.
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After you create a custom dashboard, you can mouse over any chart to get more information, and colors help prioritize, and you can click on any chart to drill down and get the data that's behind that chart. You can also export to image, spreadsheet and print, or remove the widget from the dashboard.
With ticket grid service dashboards, you can move columns around, select which columns to display, and export to clipboard, spreadsheet, and print.
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