Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Learn how to enable and go through the steps for using MFA in Giva


Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an essential security feature in Giva, enhancing the protection of user accounts across all Service Desks. By requiring a secondary form of authentication, MFA adds an extra layer of security to the login process.

Enabling MFA and Initial Setup

Company-wide Implementation

If MFA is enabled as a company-wide setting, it applies to all Giva users across different Service Desks.

Setting Up MFA for Users

Once MFA is enabled for a user, they must set up their MFA device to synchronize with the Giva system. This process requires an MFA application that supports Time-based One-time Password (TOTP), such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, or 1Password.

Example: Setting Up MFA with Microsoft Authenticator

Configuring the MFA Application

  1. Acquiring the Secret Key: Giva provides a secret key that must be configured in the chosen MFA application. This key can be scanned via a QR code or copied and entered manually.
  2. Creating a New Entry in Authenticator: In the Microsoft Authenticator app, create a new entry and input the provided secret key.

Finalizing MFA Setup

Once the key is entered, the MFA app will generate a unique code. Copy this code and enter it into Giva to finalize the MFA setup. Your device is now enabled for MFA with Giva.

Backup Codes and User Options

Generating Backup Codes

Upon completing the MFA setup, Giva generates a set of one-time-use backup codes. These codes are crucial if the MFA device is temporarily misplaced. It’s important to save these codes securely as they’re shown only once.

User Options for MFA

If allowed in your organization, Giva users can choose to enable or disable MFA for their accounts via the Password Settings page. Note that disabling MFA will also delete any associated backup codes.

Handling Lost or Broken MFA Devices

  • Using Backup Codes: If a user misplaces their MFA device, they can log in using the backup codes.
  • Resetting MFA by Administrators: In cases where an MFA device is lost or broken, Administrators or other Agents with the necessary permissions can reset MFA for the user in their profile. The user will then need to go through the MFA setup process again with a new device.
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