Giva eAssetManager™ and eSoftwareManager™ are asset management software solutions that help you track hardware and software history, license status, and ownership, providing complete IT asset management.
With a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB), they deliver an intelligent data repository for all hardware and software assets and allow you to track and view the inter-relationships between incidents, problems, and these assets.
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The IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) encompasses the following six areas:

  • Problem Management
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Release Management

To gain a further understanding of ITIL, download a Giva ITIL whitepaper.

Giva eAssetManager and Giva eSoftwareManager specifically address Configuration Management.


Configuration Management

Configuration Management provides configuration information to all the other ITIL processes through a centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB). As opposed to a simple asset database, the CMDB documents all the relationships between configuration items (CIs) that deliver a specific IT service.

Giva eAssetManager and Giva eSoftwareManager help you manage and control the CMDB, with all the details of relationships between Incidents, Problems, Known Errors, and RFCs.


Other Processes

Many ITIL processes use the CMDB. Incident Management uses the Giva CMDB to more rapidly diagnose service outages. Problem Management uses it to identify Known Errors. Change Management uses the CMDB to assess the risk of a change. Release Management uses it to configure a test environment that reflects the live environment.

Since all ITIL processes use the CMDB so extensively, the CMDB accuracy is essential. Giva eAssetManager and Giva eSoftwareManager provide tools to ensure the accuracy of the CMDB through planning, identification, control, status accounting, verification, and audit.