Is Everything Kosher With Your Customers?

Here are a few additional thoughts on customer satisfaction surveys. Look for these features when assessing the customer satisfaction survey capability in Help Desk and Customer Service software.

Personalized Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This provides the capability to include a digital photograph of the person who closed the service request along with the customer satisfaction survey that is sent via email. This allows employees to view a picture of the person that resolved their problem. This helps connect employees to the help desk department and puts a "face" on the people in the department.

Choice of Customer Satisfaction Survey Delivery Method

This provides an option for the customer satisfaction survey to be sent either in an independent "customer satisfaction survey" email or integrated with the standard close service request email notification. The customer satisfaction survey will display as a nice sharp looking HTML document directly in the email. This will increase customer satisfaction survey response rates.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Alerts- "Please call me"

This provides a "check box" that the customer can check if they would like a help desk manager to call them. When checked, a manager is immediately notified giving them a "heads-up" that a customer wants to speak with them. This allows for a written record and an opportunity to more closely communicate and meet the needs of your customers.

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