Law Firm Help Desk-Major Increase in Attorney Satisfaction

Founded in 1971, the law firm of Sills Cummis & Gross has established an outstanding global reputation. The Giva Service Management Suite including Giva® eHelpDesk, eKnowledgeManager, and eAssetManager were deployed to address the company’s internal IT help desk, knowledge management, and asset management software application needs.


Implementing Giva eHelpDesk, a web-based IT help desk solution:

+ Resulted in a significant decrease in labor hours required to generate monthly and ad hoc reports

+ Resulted in a significant increase in attorney satisfaction with the IT department

+ Provided Trend Reports, Dashboards, Charts, and Metrics, which enabled quick action on high priority service requests to keep attorneys productive

+ Provided an intuitive design that reduced IT training and administration costs


“With Giva’s reporting system, we significantly reduced the time required to perform monthly reports and ad hoc reporting, which gives me more time to be a strategic IT leader.”
“We have significantly increased attorney satisfaction in a relatively short amount of time. That is a very significant accomplishment for us, and it is an integral part of our IT support strategy.”

Steven Marks, CIO & Linda Green, IT Director

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