What Do CIOs Think About Every Day?

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> "Who Should I Reward, Warn or Terminate?"

What do check signers secretly think about every night before going to sleep? They want to know who should they reward, warn or terminate. The best and brightest leaders are fair and decent people; and they want to reward, warn and terminate using objective data (i.e. KPIs/metrics). However, they often cannot obtain this information at all; or they cannot obtain it very easily from most call tracking systems.

Check signers want their companies to be well oiled machines with the most exceptional talent. Check signers need to know how to objectively measure performance so that they can understand which employees are the most valuable and the least valuable. Check signers want to know:

> Who is providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction?

> Who is the most responsive to customers?

> Who is consistently meeting or exceeding service level agreements (SLAs)?

> Who is contributing the most highly rated knowledge articles over time?

> Who is resolving the most difficult customer problems?

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