Webinar: Avoid Mistakes When Buying Software or Cloud Services


Giva® has announced a new webinar series on mistakes to avoid when buying any software or cloud services. Companies interested in purchasing software or cloud services (such as IT help desk or customer service solutions) encounter a myriad of problems and obstacles during the purchase process. Giva's webinar builds a foundation of understanding including all the internal issues to consider and well as the external process of engaging with vendors.

"We listened to many companies struggle with the purchase process and they asked us for our help. This webinar is a distillation of lessons learned over a decade," said Ron Avignone, founder of Giva, Inc.

The webinars provide practical "how to" advice to assist in becoming a more informed buyer and enable companies to make a more rigorous and objective comparison of vendors based upon a prioritized list of feature requirements. The webinar also provides education on how to lead the vendor qualification process with expertise and confidence. Effectively coaching a team on how to shortlist the right vendors for a rigorous vetting process is also discussed as well as insights about how to negotiate a better license agreement.

The webinar helps avoid mistakes that even the most experienced professionals make that cost a lot of time and money. Evaluation teams and senior executives making important business decisions can now approach the purchase of any software including IT help desk and customer service cloud services in a much more rigorous and analytical manner.

"Giva has literally worked with thousands of IT and customer service professionals since 1999," said Ron Avignone, founder of Giva, Inc. "We listened to many companies struggle with the purchase process and they asked us for our help. This webinar is a distillation of lessons learned over a decade. It provides practical answers and a 'how to' approach to overcoming all the challenges of purchasing any new software or cloud services."

This webinar series also has eight related whitepapers now available for download:

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About Giva:

Founded in 1999, Giva was among the first companies to provide a suite of applications specifically architected for the public cloud. Now, with over a decade of refinements including thousands of enhancements, the Giva Service Management™ Suite is the most customer feedback driven cloud computing suite for the ITIL Help Desk, Customer Service/Call Center and Service Desk. Visual reporting, management dashboards and a radically intuitive service request design, make the Giva Service Management™ Suite highly differentiated from all other solutions. Customizations are all point and click with no programming or consulting necessary so Giva delivers a substantially lower total cost of ownership solution. Giva is a private company headquartered in Santa Clara, California serving delighted customers worldwide.