Young Volunteers Event: Global Youth Service Day, April 17-19th, 2015

2015 Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service Day is an event that is taking place this year, 2015, from April 17-19th. It seeks to celebrate the youth all over the world that work to make their communities a better place through their volunteerism. This day was established in 1988 and is sponsored and supported by major companies such as State Farm, Disney and American Express. It is the largest service event in the world, being celebrated in more than 135 countries every single year. This year again, First Lady Michelle Obama is serving as honorary chair.

On the event's website, there is information about the event, the event's history, a complete list of sponsors, and other interesting information. The homepage even allows an opportunity to get involved and tell your own story; or if you are not involved in a cause, you can click on their "Raise Your Voice" tab and look for volunteering opportunities

Millions of young people volunteer each year. Each person has their own reasoning for getting involved, but the one thing that they are all doing when they come together is making a difference. They may be making a small difference, or they may be making a large difference in someone else's life; but either way, they still continue to work hard and make their communities better and show they care about the world around them by taking action. When people come together, a small act can make a big difference. This event allows these volunteers to be recognized, encouraged, and thanked.

Congratulations to youth volunteers in another year of volunteering!