Giva Becomes Member of Toronto-Based TechConnex

Giva is pleased to announce its new membership with TechConnex, a Canadian-based industry association, bringing together tech companies to share best practices, business insights and bright ideas.

Giva has successfully established itself in the Canadian business market and continues to deepen its roots through TechConnex via learning, collaborating, and leading with the best.

TechConnex is the only member-directed industry association in the Greater Toronto Area representing great strength and network with its 30-year history. Offering a vast and versatile array of programs, training, events and synergistic networking opportunities to its members, TechConnex provides a foundation on which companies and recognized leaders in business and technology can perch, meet, grow and contribute with unlimited potential.

"Giva is excited to become a member of TechConnex in Canada, and we look forward to engaging with local peers and leaders towards mutual benefit and success for our collective industries and customers," commented Ron Avignone, Giva Founder.

Patrick Shaw, Executive Director of TechConnex, said, "We welcome Giva and look forward to facilitating and assisting in their success and presence in the Greater Toronto region, as well as benefiting from their extensive knowledge and expertise in the cloud industry in Silicon Valley."