Upcoming Canada Cybersecurity Events for 2019

In recent years, Canada has been working towards making itself more secure and protected by enforcing new cybersecurity legislation and protocols. However, one of the main reasons why the public remains ignorant on such a vital issue is due to a lack of knowledge sharing. Consequently, annual summits and conferences provide a platform for the government and industry experts to educate and raise awareness. The following is a list of upcoming cybersecurity events happening in Canada in 2019:

Upcoming Canada Cybersecurity Events for 2019

  1. Data Connectors Toronto Cybersecurity Conference: 21 March, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Toronto, ON

    This conference brings CISOs from some of the leading cybersecurity organizations together. Each CISO will discuss what their company has to offer in the industry and their best security strategies. The event will consist of various discussion panels and networking breaks.

  2. NorthSec Conference 2019: 12-19 May, Montreal Science Centre & Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, QC

    This eight-day event is divided into three segments. The first four days will consist of quality training sessions by leading experts in the industry. Sessions will include incident response techniques and other security skills. The next two days consist of the conference with topics ranging from network security, to hacking and cryptography. The final days of the event will be reserved for an interactive capture the flag contest.

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  3. International Cyber Security & Intelligence Conference (ICSIC): 16-18 July, Toronto, ON

    This event brings together students from all around the world to learn about the current state of cybersecurity, existing threats and potential solutions. ICSIC provides attendees with a platform to learn, network and innovate. Top experts in the industry will share their experiences and ideas with participants and interact with them in this inclusive environment.

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  4. FutureCon: 11 September, Downtown, Old Toronto, Toronto, ON

    FutureCon aims to provide attendees with high quality cybersecurity training. Top executives from various organizations will share how to manage and overcome cybersecurity risks. Attendees will also be able to see demonstrations of new cybersecurity technologies and network with experts to discuss important topics.

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  5. SecTor: 9-10 October, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON

    SecTor is an IT security conference that periodically brings together international experts to discuss new research and strategies regarding cyber threats and defense. Some of the topics that will be discussed include the IoT, collaboration as a way to make Canada secure as well as breach readiness and reporting.

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  6. Janus Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: 6 November, Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, ON

    This conference discusses a wide range of current issues facing cybersecurity in Canada. This includes breach notification, the consequences of non-compliance, incident response protocols, cybersecurity best practices and much more.

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  7. iTech 2019: 18 November, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC

    iTech will consist of a range of keynote speakers, vendor exhibitions and sessions. It provides attendees with an opportunity to learn about new cybersecurity products, view demonstrations, attend sessions and much more. Some of the main areas of discussion include how to become cyber resilient, making your cloud map future proof and how to secure your cloud.

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