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A guide to the best free ticketing software, what to look for in free ticketing apps, & why paid ticketing software might be better in the long run.
What's in this article?

A guide to the best free ticketing system software

There are many good reasons for using free ticket management software applications, and we'll discuss them in this article. However, you can start a free 30-day trial with the best ticket management software from Giva, if you're interested in no compromises and want to transform your organization into a customer service powerhouse.

What is a free ticketing system?

Generally speaking, a free ticketing system allows an organization to answer questions and provide service to their customers. Customers have questions and concerns about the products and services they purchase and want to speak with a live person. When we reach the customer service department, they use help desk software to manage our questions. A free online ticketing system will help convert these questions into a ticket. Also, emails can be converted into tickets. This way they can be more easily managed by a customer service department. A free IT ticketing system can help an organization manage all the chaos.

Why use a free ticketing system?

With most new businesses, cash flow is probably negative, so you don't have any to waste. Every dollar spent must generate a good return and move your business to the next stage.

Email inbox vs. purchased ticketing software

As a starting place, it may be a smart decision to just use an email inbox for customer service. Free email services such as Gmail can be used to create a shared inbox for your customer service team. It's also possible to post a form on your website using Google forms, so customers can open their own tickets. These forms can convert the information entered into an email. Your customer service reps can triage using the inbox as a central hub.

What are benefits of free ticketing system?

Save Time & Be Productive
  • Get up and running fast
  • Start servicing your customers right now
  • No cost to purchase or ongoing fees
  • Simple to learn and use
  • Low complexity to maintain
  • No need to have the IT department involved
  • No purchasing approvals and red tape to get started

What are the negatives of a free ticketing system?

  • Limited features and functionality
  • May be quickly outgrown
  • Cannot scale for a fast growing organization
  • No vendor support for this critical system to support revenue-generating customers
  • No guarantee of security and privacy

What features should you look for in the best free IT ticketing system?

At every stage of supporting customers, you want them to have a delightful experience, with the goal turning them into unpaid raving evangelists, so they tell their friends and colleagues all about your company. One of your chief concerns before implementing a free ticketing system is how it will fit in with your team and organization's workflow. The downside of a free ticketing system is that there is limited flexibility and availability for integrations.

Using a free online ticketing system or a free trial

The Birth of IT Ticketing Software
Your business can get a substantial benefit from a free web-based ticketing system or a free ticketing system trial because it will help you deliver outstanding customer service. Email inboxes can be complex to manage as your business grows.
A good free support ticketing system will help you achieve the basics, like routing IT tickets or customer service tickets around your organization so the right people can help. This will make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, and is especially important when you have customer requests coming from email, phone calls, social media, live chats, etc. A free help desk ticketing software 30-day trial will get you started. You want to make sure that all these different sources of customer inquiries are flowing into a single place for triage by your team. It's also important that your team has some basic tools to improve their productivity and efficiency. Also, your customers will be impressed, and they'll really appreciate the human touch.
By the way, all of Giva's free ticketing software trials are HIPAA compliant if you need that additional security and compliance.

Who uses free help desk software?

There are many different organizations that use free help desk or customer service software. New businesses that are first starting and nonprofits that don't have a lot of money commonly use free online ticketing systems. There are so many options available. Some free ticketing systems also have a knowledge base so that your team can leverage solutions and stop reinventing the wheel. Common problems can quickly and efficiently be solved when knowledge is shared by a customer service department. It is also helpful to offer your customers self-help tools so that they can search a knowledge base and maybe have a conversation with an AI chatbot. Millennials and Gen Z folks are tech savvy and much more open to troubleshooting their own problems, so it's important to offer these options.

Why every help desk benefits from ticketing software

Whether you decide to go with a free solution or an affordably priced smart tool like Giva, if you have a help desk, you need online tools to automate processes, collect data and streamline your services.
Help desk software gives your staff the tools they need to handle support queries, enabling them to give your clients' favorite kinds of customer service. When that occurs, your company benefits. Consider the many ways in which help desk software benefits your customers, agents, and bottom line.

Generating trust with customers

By enabling agents to automate the mechanics of ticket routing, engage across all channels, and retrieve pertinent client data, free ticketing software enables your agents to focus on providing responsive, personalized service on the channels your customers prefer. As a result, clients come to believe that your company will deliver when they have an issue.

Prepare your agents for success

We share your laser-like focus on consumers. However, the goal of a free support ticket system and help desk software is to give some tools to your customer service reps. By utilizing time-saving process automation, collaborative ticket management, and multi-channel communication, agents can accomplish more with fewer resources. When your reps are not overworked, they'll be more productive and happier. When customer reps are happy, they have a different outlook, and they'll treat everybody around them better, including your customers.

Organized and streamlined ticket management

It is very frustrating when agents do not provide consistent customer service without a standardized method for responding to, tracking, and routing tickets. A free IT ticketing system provides the automated triggers, intelligent rules, scripted replies, and automations necessary for a finely-tuned customer service department.

More context-sensitive customer service

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than having to repeat yourself to multiple reps. However, nothing pleases a customer more than personalized assistance that is pertinent to their problem. Free ticketing systems can enable contextually relevant interactions by automatically updating agents about the customer, when they last requested help, the nature of their issue, and other pertinent information.

What to look for in ticketing software

Free ticketing software should have at least the following features:

Workflow that fits with your organization

Cloud Software Productivity
Customer service agents or IT help desk agents have numerous responsibilities, including answering the phones, dealing one-on-one with customers, troubleshooting problems, coordinating internal resources, providing status updates, and sometimes creating reports and analytics. Free ticketing systems alleviate this burden by offering workflow capabilities, such as ticket prioritization and routing, ticket escalation rules, macros to reduce repetitive tasks, scheduled tasks for set-and-forget actions and reminders, etc.

Centralized communication

A free IT ticketing system can centralize communication between customers and agents. Your help desk system must therefore be able to bring in customer messages from all service channels.

Self-service knowledge base and FAQ

Self-service Knowledge Base
Your agents cannot answer all of your clients' questions 24 hours/day x 7 days/week. A knowledge base provide clients with a handy, easily-searchable location to locate answers to questions and solutions to issues. A good free ticketing system allows your firm to establish and maintain a knowledge base for self-service inquiries.

Harmonic integration

Free ticket systems should integrate with your existing technology ecosystem, not vice versa. Your systems are connected via a seamless connection between your help desk and other technologies, allowing the correct information to reach the right person at the right time.

Capability to scale

As your business evolves and expands, so will your customer service operation. You do not want to be compelled to have to migrate to a new system as your needs change. Your free IT ticketing system or help desk software must provide the features, functions, reports, and dashboards that give your team the ability to grow. At some point in your company's lifecycle, you may have to go to a ticketing system that has the functionality that you need. Many free ticketing systems do not scale. When the time is right, take a look at Giva's IT ticketing system or our customer service software.

Reporting metrics and KPIs

In addition to centralizing customer service conversations, help desk ticketing software centralizes valuable information regarding your company. Reporting metrics and KPIs extract meaningful analytics from raw data to build insights that enable management to measure and enhance agent and team performance.
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