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Professional Suite Pricing Plan
$59/Per Agent/Month License Cost
(USD, billed annually)
  • Up to 18 agents
  • Up to 1500 end users or customers
  • Unlimited storage
  • 3 service desks*
  • 3 email inboxes for converting emails into tickets
  • Minimum of 5 licenses required
Enterprise Suite Pricing Plan
$79/Per Agent/Month License Cost
(USD, billed annually)
  • No maximum number of agents
  • Unlimited end users or customers
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited service desks*
  • Unlimited email inboxes for converting emails into tickets
  • Minimum of 5 licenses required
* What is a Service Desk?
Service Desks are unique and independent instances of Giva which can be configured for any department such as Information Technology, Customer Service, Facilities, Marketing, Research, etc. Use multiple Service Desks for privacy, security or when you want to isolate information from different departments or organizations that perform very different functions.

Same Exceptional Features with both Giva Price Plans

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Both Giva Customer Service Pricing Plans Include:

  • Case Management/Ticketing: Get started in just hours with out-of-the-box "best practices" and default options
  • Knowledgebase: Leverage solutions & provide employee self-service
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Success Center: Capture feedback on a continuous basis to measure team performance. Custom or standard customer satisfaction feedback surveys & reports
  • Customer Self-Service Portal: Allow employees to access Knowledge and FAQs to solve common issues
  • Other modules available at no additional cost
  • All suite modules are highly integrated: Start with one & then scale up
  • Real-time custom reporting & KPIs: Full color charts & graphs
  • Create, save, share and schedule delivery of standard and custom reports
  • Easy Three Click Reporting Analytics™ right out-of-the-box
  • Real-time dashboards with large widget library
  • Customizable dashboard for each agent
  • iOS & Android mobile HTML 5 applications
  • HIPAA compliance to prevent cyberattacks, data breaches, malware, etc.
  • SSAE 18 SCO II Type 2 certification & other security audits
  • Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for full HIPAA compliance
  • Multiple Service Desks* to use Giva across your organization
  • Integrations and advanced workflow rules
  • Quick Resolutions leverage key solutions already created
  • Tsunami Tickets group major events for easy concurrent updating
  • High performance search engine increases productivity
  • Parent/Child Tickets for project management
  • Auto close rules & workflow saves agents' time
  • Severity Levels: Urgency ratings keep focus on the top priorities
  • Service Level Agreements: Target respond/resolve times, measure goals & deliver consistent service
  • Scheduled Tasks create recurring tickets in the future
  • Macros, Quick Tickets, copy/duplicate ticket & keyboard shortcuts rapidly create, update & close tickets
  • Custom Ticket forms capture additional fields
  • 32-field default profile or create a custom profile
  • Routing and action rules to convert emails into tickets including attachments & embedded images
  • Broadcast and marquee messages to rapidly communicate warnings & critical information
  • Temporary notes for store sensitive information: Automatically or manually deleted & never tracked
  • CC Customers & Assignees: Send notifications to multiple people
  • Track time worked for teams, departments, service groups and individuals
  • Custom branding with your organization's logo
  • Access Giva Anywhere — Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop
  • Video tutorials, self-paced tours, quick start guides, & FAQs
  • Intuitive design: Low training costs & start-up time
  • No coding, programming or consultants required
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) & Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • 100% cloud based: Only a standard web browser required
  • Download your daily data backup anytime
  • Award winning 24/7 USA-based technical support
  • New Giva product releases every 3 weeks using Agile software development
  • Self-Service Knowledgebase Form with no login required: Embed a form on a website to search the knowledgebase
  • API to create a web form or post directly to Giva from any application to trigger a new ticket (additional cost)
  • Redirect Service Endpoint API for building integrations with 3rd-party applications such as telephony to trigger a new ticket in Giva (additional cost)
  • LDAP Sync Tool for easy Active Directory integration: No coding required
  • REST API for integration with any external database
  • Single Sign-on using SAML: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft ADFS, Google Apps & Okta
  • Batch import with excel for quick start

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