Giva's Help Desk/ITSM AI Copilot

Use Giva's Copilot to help agents craft the best responses to customers


Giva's AI Copilot, powered by OpenAI and utilizing Microsoft Azure for privacy and HIPAA compliance, offers a groundbreaking way to enhance the productivity of Agents and Managers. This secure integration introduces a suite of tools aimed at increasing customer satisfaction through advanced AI technology.

Summarizing Complex Tickets

One of the core features of Giva Copilot is its ability to quickly generate summaries for complex tickets. By clicking the "Summarize Ticket" button, users can view a concise summary highlighting essential aspects like customer sentiment and recommended next steps. This feature not only saves time but also simplifies the process of understanding intricate ticket details. Summaries can be copied to the clipboard, making it easy to share insights outside the Giva platform.

Rewriting Ticket Content with AI

Giva Copilot excels in refining the text within tickets, whether it's the subject, resolution, or notes. Agents can input text, and with a click of the Copilot button, receive suggestions for a more positive and customer-friendly tone. The AI's ability to expand brief texts into more comprehensive instructions or responses can significantly improve communication clarity. This tool also supports formatting and retrieving information from the internet, offering a quick way to include how-to guides or answers to common questions directly into tickets.

Administration and Policy Compliance

Recognizing the diverse approaches to AI across different organizations, Giva Copilot is designed with flexibility in mind. Administrators can enable or disable the Copilot feature as per their organization's policy, allowing for a tailored use of AI technology. The Administration section in Giva provides access to further settings, ensuring that management of Copilot is straightforward and aligns with organizational needs and regulations.

Empathetic and Efficient Customer Communication

Through examples, Giva Copilot demonstrates its capacity to transform standard responses into empathetic and engaging communications. Agents are equipped to provide replies that resonate more positively with customers, enhancing the overall service experience. Additionally, Copilot's ability to format instructional content ensures that help is provided in a clear and accessible manner.
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