Complex Ticket Search

Learn how to perform advance ticket searches and complex search shortcut syntax

Basic Ticket Search

Navigating to Ticket Search

To begin your search for tickets, go to the top navigation bar, select "Tickets", and then choose "Search Tickets by Issue" or "Search Tickets by Customer". This is your starting point for any ticket search.

Entering Keywords and Criteria

Once in the search area, enter your keywords into the form field. To refine your search, you can select additional criteria that narrow down the results. This basic search is suitable for most everyday needs and is a quick way to find tickets.

Advanced Ticket Search

Accessing Advanced Options

For more detailed searches, switch to the "Advanced Options" tab. This feature allows for a more granular approach to searching.

Utilizing Search Criteria

  • Mandatory Words: Enter words that must be included in the search results. Using quotes around multiple words treats them as an exact phrase.
  • Exact Phrases: Specifically for including an exact phrase in your search.
  • Any Words or Phrases: Use this row for results that match any of your specified words or phrases, rather than all of them.
  • Excluding Words or Phrases: Ensure that search results do not contain certain words or phrases.
You can combine these rows as needed to create a comprehensive search query.

Understanding Search Syntax

Final Search String Display

At the top of the Advanced Options tab, you’ll notice a final search string displayed. This string includes symbols like pluses, minuses, quotes, parentheses, ANDs, and ORs, representing your search criteria.

Using Syntax in Basic Search

This syntax can be directly input on the previous tab as a shortcut for entering complex search strings. It's a powerful method for those familiar with search operators and looking to quickly input detailed search queries.

Executing the Search

After setting up your search criteria, click "Search" to perform the search. The results will display based on the parameters you've set, helping you find the exact tickets you need.
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