Getting Started with Giva Change Management

Learn how to configure the change management module for your organization's needs

Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Navigating to Administration: Start by mousing over your name in the upper right corner and selecting "Administration". Then, click on the "Changes" tab and proceed to "Basic setup".
  • Utilizing Online Training: Prior to configuration, review the online training available on Giva's public website. This includes a comprehensive tour and overview, offering a big picture perspective of Giva's capabilities.

Creating and Editing RFCs (Requests for Change)

  • Creating an RFC: On any page, mouse over the blue "+" and select "RFC". The default form for creating an RFC will be displayed, showing the standard ITIL-compliant fields.
  • Editing Mode: When an RFC is created, it enters the edit mode with various tabs like "Summary", "Detail", "Plans & History", and "Wrap-Up".
  • Customizing Fields: The RFC form can be customized during the configuration process, allowing you to modify both the create and edit forms to suit your organization's needs.

Modifying RFC Form Layout

Customizing Rows and Columns

  • Accessing RFC Forms: To change the layout of the RFC forms, go to "RFC Forms" under Administration.
  • Custom Layouts: Customize the layout of the "Create RFC" form by specifying rows and columns for each field. Remember that some fields may occupy more than one column.

Checking Customizations in RFC Forms

  • Saving and Reviewing Layouts: After customizing the layout, save your changes and review how the fields are organized. This step ensures your modifications are as per your requirements.
  • Creating an RFC: Test the new layout by creating an RFC and observing how the fields you configured are displayed.

Reviewing and Customizing Default Options

Adjusting Default Settings

  • Exploring Basic Setup Options: Under the "Basic setup", click on each option to review the default settings. Adjust them as necessary to align with your organizational needs.
  • Editing Closed Codes: In options like "Closed Codes", add or edit items as needed. Be aware of any mandatory presets required for the change management workflow.

Completing Setup Steps

  • Navigating Through Setup: Finally, go through each step under "Optional RFC fields", "Popular setup", and "Advanced setup" to fine-tune the configuration.
  • Applying Changes: Make necessary changes in each section and save them. This ensures that your Giva change management setup is tailored to your operational requirements.
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