Find & Edit a Customer Profile

Learn how to search for a customer profile to edit it


In Giva, managing customer profiles, including finding and editing them, is a straightforward process. Whether you need to update contact information, preferences, or any other details, Giva provides an efficient way to access and modify customer profiles.

Locating a Customer Profile

Using the Dashboard for Profile Search

  1. Starting from the Dashboard: On your home page dashboard, click "Find People". This is your starting point for searching customer profiles.
  2. Entering Search Criteria: Type in the customer's name or relevant information about the customer. This function is designed to swiftly locate the profile you need.

Performing a Universal Search

Similar searches can be conducted from any page in Giva by selecting "People" in the upper right corner and entering the person's name. This flexibility allows you to search for customer profiles from anywhere within the system.

Handling Search Results

If your search doesn't yield an exact match, Giva will display a list of potential matches. Additionally, you have the option to refine your search using various filters on the right side.

Editing a Customer Profile

Accessing the Edit Profile Page

  1. Selecting the Correct Profile: Click on the name of the person you're looking for, or use the options menu and select "Edit". This action will direct you to the person's profile editing page.
  2. Making Changes to the Profile: On the edit profile page, you can update or change any necessary information. Giva's intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and alter different sections of the profile.

Saving Profile Updates

After making your updates, be sure to click "Save" to apply and preserve the changes you've made. This ensures that the profile reflects the most current and accurate information.
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