Import Standard Assets

Learn how to import standard assets


In Giva, Administrators and Agents have the capability to import standard assets into the system. This feature is essential for managing your organization's assets efficiently and ensuring all necessary data is integrated into Giva.

Accessing the Import Function

  • From Standard Assets Page: On the main Standard assets listing page, click the "Actions" button to reveal a dropdown menu. Select "Import Standard Assets" to initiate the import process.
  • For Administrators: Administrators can also access the import feature via the Administration page, under the "Assets" tab, by selecting "Standard Asset Import".

Preparing for Import Using the Sample Spreadsheet

  • Downloading Sample Spreadsheet: At the top of the first Standard Asset Import page, there is a link to download a sample import spreadsheet. Use this as a starting point for your import.
  • Customizing the Spreadsheet: Ensure to remove any unnecessary columns, as empty columns can overwrite existing data. Also, pay attention to blank cells and ensure each asset row has a unique identifier, like an Asset Tag Number, and an Asset Type.

Reading Instructions Carefully During the Import Process

Each page of the import process contains important instructions. Carefully read these instructions to successfully complete the import.

Uploading and Setting Import Options

  • Choosing a File: Click in the "Choose a File" field, select your prepared spreadsheet, and then click "Upload".
  • Configuring Import Options: On the subsequent page, read the instructions and set the import options accordingly, including selecting the appropriate sheet, identifying columns, and setting Owner or Assignee options.

Running the Test Import and Previewing Import Results

  • Initiating Test Run: Click "Run Test Import" to see a preview of how your data will be imported.
  • Interpreting Test Results: The test run will display a table replicating your spreadsheet data, with color-coded indicators for any issues. Green indicates no issues, red signifies a problem, and orange means minor issues that won't prevent import.

Reviewing and Finalizing the Import

Checking Data Before Live Import

  • Reviewing Test Results: Carefully review the test results, especially dates, to ensure accuracy.
  • Re-Uploading if Necessary: If corrections are needed, adjust your spreadsheet and re-upload it, repeating the import steps up to this point.

Completing the Live Import

Once satisfied with the data, click "Run Live Import" and confirm in the verification popup. Remember, this action cannot be undone except by another import or manual adjustments in Giva.

Post-Import Verification

After the live import, review the output results again. Click "Finished" to return to the main assets listing page, where you can verify that the data was imported as expected. To start a new import, select "Import New Spreadsheet".
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