Service Desks

Learn about service desks, how they are independent instances for different internal organizations, & important information about configuring them


Service Desks are distinct instances for different departments like IT, Customer Service, Facilities, etc. Each Service Desk requires individual configuration for tailored functionality.

Access and Navigation

  • Access Control: Assign specific access to each Service Desk in user profiles.
  • Navigating Service Desks: The Service Desk name is displayed on every page, with a dropdown menu for users with multi-desk roles.

Email Configuration for Service Desks

Each Service Desk needs a distinct email address to avoid spam filters and ensure proper email-to-ticket conversion. Email Spoofing and Notifications: Giva uses email spoofing for sending notifications; the Service Desk's email appears as the sender.

Technical Configuration for Email Notifications

  • Updating DNS SPF Records: Add a special domain to your DNS SPF record for authorized mail sending.
  • Whitelisting with Spam Filters: Ensure Giva's domain is whitelisted in your spam filtering tools.

Adding and Editing Service Desks

  • Creating a New Service Desk: Use the "Add New Service Desk" option for setup.
  • Editing Existing Desks: Click on a Service Desk's name to update settings and configurations.
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