Help Desk/ITSM Service Groups

Learn about service groups and Service Level Agreement breach escalations


Service Groups are departments in your organization responsible for various support aspects. A pre-existing group which can be renamed but not disabled, typically titled "Help Desk", "Service Desk", or "Customer Service".

Deleting or Disabling Service Groups

  • Deletion Criteria: Service groups without tied data can be deleted; others can only be disabled.
  • Impact on Tickets and Reports: Disabled groups still visible in existing tickets and reports.

Editing Service Groups

  • Name and Manager Assignment: Change the service group’s name and optionally assign a manager.
  • Manager Role in Surveys: The manager acts as a contact point in customer satisfaction surveys.

Setting SLA Breach Notifications

  • SLA Breach Notification Path: Design a series of notifications for each Severity Level within the service group.
  • Notification Order and Frequency: First notification to the initial person or team, followed by subsequent notifications at set intervals.
  • Adjusting Severity Levels and SLAs: Visit Severity Levels & SLAs section to customize notification frequencies.
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