Staff Performance Reports

Provides analytics and deep insights into employee performance


Giva's Staff Performance Reports are essential tools for gaining deep insights and analytics on employee performance. These reports are designed to objectively evaluate various aspects of agent performance, including productivity, customer satisfaction, and initiative.

Comprehensive Metrics for Performance Evaluation

  • Overview of Metrics: The first report includes a wide range of metrics such as ticket volume, first contact resolution, ticket access frequency, history notes addition, customer satisfaction, SLA (Service Level Agreement) goals, average time to close tickets, and knowledge articles completed.
  • Detailed Analysis: Each column in the report offers detailed statistics, providing a clear overview of agent performance and areas for improvement.

Specialized Report for Large Operations

  • Reassignment Metrics: This report is particularly beneficial for large customer service and help desk operations. It focuses on the frequency and timing of ticket reassignments among agents, a crucial aspect in understanding workload distribution and responsibility.
  • Understanding Agent Behavior: The report sheds light on various behaviors, such as:
    • Frequency of ticket reassignment.
    • Reassignments made right before or after an SLA breach.
    • Instances where agents pass tickets along without contributing.
    • Response times to tickets.
    • Frequency of extending the SLA due dates.

Drill-Down Capability and Export Options

  • Drilling Down into Data: The ability to drill down into the summary numbers allows for a more granular analysis of agent performance.
  • Export Functionality: Reports can be exported to spreadsheet or PDF formats, facilitating easy sharing and further analysis.

Summary: Value of Staff Performance Reports

  • Performance Metrics for Leaders: These staff performance reports equip team leaders with precise metrics, enabling them to measure the work accomplished by individual agents, teams, and service groups effectively.
  • Objective Performance Measurement: Over time, these metrics and analytics provide an objective way to measure differences in agent capability, focusing on elements such as diligence and customer satisfaction.
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