Giva eAssetManager™ and eSoftwareManager™ are asset management software solutions that help you track hardware and software history, license status, and ownership, providing complete IT asset management.
With a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB), they deliver an intelligent data repository for all hardware and software assets and allow you to track and view the inter-relationships between incidents, problems, and these assets.
eAssetManager Most Requently Repaired Assets Report


Hardware – Giva eAssetManager


Maximize the ROI of Your Company's Assets

The Giva asset management software helps you track all the IT hardware assets in your organization. It provides:

  • Faster diagnosis of hardware and software problems –  Desktop technicians can use prior service events and problem resolution histories of an asset to help resolve current problems more quickly. Giva eAssetManager provides "medical charts" for each asset to track lifecycle events in hardware, software, firmware, and configuration to help quickly understand and diagnose problems.
  • Data to make strategic purchasing decisions –  When you need to set corporate standards for asset acquisition, the Asset Repair Frequency report provides information to help make more informed decisions. For example, if you know that over a 12-month period laptops from one vendor have a higher frequency of problems than from other vendors, then this information can help set corporate asset acquisition policy.
  • Project management capability to scope and plan corporate upgrades –  To help you scope an upcoming hardware or software upgrade, the Inventory Count report provides a list of all assets by manufacturer and model number. You can then plan your upgrade to optimize customer training and scheduling. You can also use parent/child service requests in Giva eHelpDesk™ to manage the project.
  • Ability to manage leased assets more effectively and plan for transitions –  The Leased Asset Aging report allows you to evaluate the timing of leases coming to an end and plan for the return of assets. You can also use this report to plan in advance if any hardware or software needs to be removed from the asset.
  • Powerful tools for data mining of asset information –  Customizable Giva reports allow you to perform data mining on all of your asset information.

In addition, Giva eAssetManager™ helps you:

  • Streamline physical inventory –  Giva eAssetManager provides reports of all assets in your inventory, which you can then use to verify assets during a physical inventory.
  • Eliminate unnecessary work –  The last thing you want to do is spend time working on hardware that is covered under warranty. A quick check of the vital asset information will determine if the asset is still under warranty. If the hardware is under warranty, then you can send it back to the vendor.
  • Protect Company Assets –  When employees leave your company, the Assets By Customer report provides a listing of what assets are still assigned or loaned to them.



Software – Giva eSoftwareManager


Ensure Your Company’s Software License Compliance

The Giva software license management solution tracks all the software assets in your organization and helps you:

  • Reduce costs by efficiently managing your software assets –  When employees leave your company, the Software & Hardware Inventory report will provide you a listing of the assigned software so that you can "release" licenses and re-assign them to other employees. This reduces costs by allowing you to re-use licenses, rather than purchasing new ones.
  • Avoid costly license compliance audits –  If you are using more software licenses than you have purchased, you may incur significant penalties. According to the Software & Information Industry Association software license non-compliance penalties may include: (1) triple the cost of each unauthorized license, (2) destruction of all illegal copies, and (3) the forced purchase of legal copies to replace all illegal copies.
  • Plan corporate upgrades –  If you need to scope the work required for an upcoming software upgrade, the Software Inventory Summary report lists all software assets by vendor, product, and license type. You can then plan your upgrade to optimize customer training and scheduling. You can also use the parent/child service requests in Giva eHelpDesk™ to manage the project.
  • Data mining of software information –  You can customize Giva reports to perform data mining on all of your software asset information.
  • Streamline physical audits –  Giva eSoftwareManager allows you to run reports of all the software assets in your inventory and then verify this with a physical audit.