BMC Service Desk Express Upgrade & Software Maintenance

Eliminate Service Desk Express upgrades & software maintenance with Giva SaaS

Is the cost of annual software maintenance, consultants and upgrade fees for BMC Service Desk Express too high?

Save money with Giva SaaS

BMC Service Desk Express Suite customers face a resource-intensive and expensive proposition to continue to maintain their service desk application.

With Giva, BMC Service Desk Express customers on average experienced a:

  • 45% decrease in annual maintenance cost (Giva annual subscription cost was  45% less than BMC annual maintenance)
  • 90% decrease in implementation time and cost
  • Eliminated all servers, software and upgrade costs
  • Decreased headcount required to maintain service desk application


Giva Service Management Suite™   BMC Service Desk Express Suite 9.x
Customers experienced a 45% decrease in annual software maintenance cost (Giva annual subscription cost was 45% less than BMC annual maintenance cost)

vs. Purchase licenses, servers, software and add-on modules. Also, significant FTE headcount and expensive consultants required for ongoing "care and feeding"
Coded from the ground-up with a Web-native architecture and built in 1999 for the Internet

vs. Architected before the Internet-client/server
Web 2.0 Intuitive Design—Agents can learn in just 1 hour

vs. Client/server interface
Implementation in just 1 week
vs. Implementation often measured in months and quarters
Architecture built on ITIL from our first line of code-modules seamlessly integrated

vs. A legacy application that evolved with add-ons
Quarterly enhancements are seamless with Giva Software-as-Service (SaaS) vs. With traditional software, upgrades will distract your business, cost significant fees, require FTE headcount and expensive consultants


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