Visual Reporting to Identify Trends and Patterns

Giva® announces the industry's first visual reporting tools for customer service and call centers. Real-time reports with high volumes of complex data sets can be generated within seconds, allowing managers to instantly identify emerging trends and patterns to facilitate better and faster decision making. Most of the real-time visual reports run in ten seconds or less with visual representation of data and drill-down capability.

"Giva's new visual reporting tools have allowed us to reduce the amount of time we spend running daily, weekly and monthly reports by approximately 35%", said Tom Sultenfuss, President, ContactWorks. "This translates directly into lower labor costs and higher quality information and much higher client satisfaction. We can see our customer service metrics more visually and with detailed granularity."

The new reporting tools feature full color, high contrast charts and graphs that allow for more graphically driven data presentation to better understand relationships between all the call data. Metrics, business analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are now displayed with more graphs and charts and allow customer service and call center managers to better identify emerging problems, issues, trends and patterns so that systemic changes can be made.

This release significantly benefits outsourced call centers which like to focus on increasing first contact resolution, increasing customer satisfaction, decreasing call volume with root cause analysis and exceeding service level agreements (SLAs). Giva's visual reporting tools make identifying trends and patterns easier and quicker and with less time building, running and reviewing reports. Customer service managers can also finally measure differences in performance between individuals and teams with data driven objectivity to know who to reward, who to warn and who to terminate.

"Reporting and dashboards are significant Giva differentiators and areas in which Giva will continue to provide industry innovation", said Ron Avignone, founder of Giva, Inc. "This new release continues to set us apart and further establishes Giva as a customer service/call center industry leader".

Learn more by taking a tour of Giva's customer service/call center reports, charts and graphs or sign up for a no obligation 30 day trial of Giva.

About Giva:

Giva is an award winning provider of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Web-based ITIL Help Desk,Customer Service/Call Center and Service Desk cloud based computing services. Giva's visual reporting tools, management dashboards and intuitive design, make it very powerful and at the same time very easy-to use. Customizations are all point and click (i.e no programming necessary) and along with the cost and quick deployment advantages of SaaS, the result is a dramatically lower total cost of ownership when compared to other products that require programmers and trained consultants. Giva is a private company headquartered in Santa Clara, California serving delighted customers worldwide.

About ContactWorks:
ContactWorks is a US-based contact center company that provides customized, scalable customer contact solutions. ContactWorks handles projects of all size and complexity and can source projects on-shore, near-shore and off-shore to achieve the desired objectives. Services include inbound customer service, technical support/help desk, customer acquisition/retention and order management.