Data Analytics Customized Reports in 3 Easy Clicks™

Become a data driven decision making enterprise with easy, customized reports in "3 Easy Clicks." You don't need a PhD to use Giva's customized reporting.
What's in this article?
Become a data-driven decision making enterprise.

Giva reporting analytics and custom reports can:

  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease call volume with root cause analysis
  • Meet and exceed service level agreements with customers
  • Improve team productivity
  • Resolve issues faster

No more slow report writers and business intelligence tools

Customer service and support is mostly associated with nice, friendly people answering the telephone and trying to help customers, but almost never for being data driven. When it comes to making sense of all this data, you'll have to wait for your data analysts who know how to use report writers, and business intelligence tools to generate any insightful understanding.

Real-time 360-degree customer view

Giva introduces you our "Easy Three-Click Reporting Analytics"™ to help monitor your performance and embrace data-based decision making. But, it will not require a lot of time. As you can infer from the name, it's going to be fast and easy to generate deep and meaningful insights that you need every day, month, quarter, etc. Giva helps you create your support metrics fast and all in real-time using the latest data for help desk reporting.

Customized reports to go deeper into the data

Of course, we know that you'll probably want to also generate additional customized reporting analytics. Start with any "Easy Three-Click Reporting Analytics"™ template and then make all the changes desired to create your own highly customized reports. These templates can be used to build, save and share multiple copies of the reports with different filters.

Instigate change with reporting analytics and custom reports

To instigate change across your team and rally the support of senior leaders, you'll need to communicate with a lot of people. All "Easy Three-Click Reporting Analytics"™ templates and customized reports can be printed with outstanding quality right from any browser, or downloaded to a CSV or color PDF export with the click of a button. They can also be highlighted on the custom dashboards and much more. You can even email them directly from Giva.

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Become the "top dog" using data-driven decisions

Your status in the organization will change. You'll become the "top dog" instead of just the "tail of the dog", since you'll be able to help key leaders make data-driven decisions using insights about your organizations most valuable asset — its customers. You'll be able to influence service and product decisions that maximize profits and keep your organization growing and have the support team get the recognition it deserves.

Provide value by measuring support performance

There are many benefits to measuring support performance. Support leaders must demonstrate to senior management they are meeting their long-term and short-term goals and continuing to add value to the organization. The best way to justify the value of a support organization is with data-driven decision making using reporting analytics.
Customized reports can provide early warning signs that support services are not meeting customer expectations. Reporting analytics can show how a changing environment such as the introduction of new technology products and software can impact customer satisfaction.
Another important goal of using reporting analytics is to decrease high call volume. An organization must understand the root cause of problems so they can take systemic action.

Improve team performance with data insights

Giva reports feature full color, high contrast charts and graphs that allow for more graphically-driven data decisions to better understand relationships between all the data. Giva analytics reporting is extremely easy to use and does not require a company "report genius".

Easy to build reports

It's easy to quickly build reports with Giva. Metrics, business analytics and key performance indicators allow leaders to better identify emerging problems, issues, trends, and patterns so that systemic changes can be made.

Customer support dashboard reports

Giva's robust, fast and painless reporting analytics quickly measures team productivity, responsiveness and customer satisfaction resulting in faster and higher quality data-driven decision making.

Monitor metrics to reduce high call volumes

Our reports help teams focus on increasing first contact resolution, increasing customer satisfaction, decreasing call volume with root cause analysis, and exceeding service level agreements (SLAs).

Custom reports for data-driven decision making

Giva makes it very easy to create reports. You can quickly build, run, share and review custom reports. Leaders can also measure differences in performance between individuals and teams with data-driven decision making.

IT help desk reports

Easy to learn reporting analytics

From any Giva page you can click on "Reports" in the top navigation. Tabs logically group all the "Easy Three-Click Reporting Analytics"™ templates for each Giva module so they're easy to find. The reporting analytics are well organized to help you quickly find just the right template to turn into a custom report, if desired. The report templates are easy to learn in just minutes and no previous experience with report writers or business intelligence tools is necessary.

My favorite reports and custom dashboards

My favorite reports have a colored star next to them and are displayed in the main navigation under each module, which you can select to quickly run them. This means that you can build and run a custom report once, and then make it favorite and then run it again in the future from the custom dashboards on the home page.
Learn more about custom dashboards.

Charts and graphs visually communicate actionable insights

Most Giva reports have charts and graphics to visually communicate and summarize the data with drill down capability. Custom reports are easy to create and help with data decision making and can be quickly exported as a CSV or PDF file and emailed.

Ticket reports

Giva offers you about sixty "Easy Three-Click Reporting Analytics"™ templates for Tickets. Some other vendors offer you 100's and 100's of options. Our templates are highly curated by award-winning help desk and customer service professionals working in the trenches just like you. We focus on you and your team on the critical reporting analytics:
  • My Tickets
  • Open Tickets
  • Unassigned Tickets
  • Ticket Volume
  • Ticket Category
  • Service Level Agreements & Breaches
  • Customer Feedback
  • First Contact
  • Advanced Analysis

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Ticket Fields report

With the Ticket Fields report you can select all the service request fields, service groups, creators, regions, statuses, departments, assignees, locations, submit methods, natures of requests as well as all custom fields to build your own custom report. At any time, this report allows you to download all your data for import into other applications.

Pull real-time reporting analytics in just seconds

All our reports are real-time reports can be generated within seconds, even with very high volumes of complex data sets, allowing managers to instantly identify emerging trends and patterns to facilitate better and faster decision making. The reports are a visual representation of data with drill-down capability.

Create custom reports and save and share

After running the report, click "Save Report As", add a new name and description, and then share the report with your colleagues. Reports can also be automatically emailed on a scheduled basis.

Manage reporting analytics the way you work

Any customized reports created from the templates are saved in the "My Saved Reports" section. Unique report naming will support using your organization's naming conventions or names that are meaningful to you. Once reports are shared, they can also be easily unshared or deleted as necessary to maintain control and organization.
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