Qualify Cloud and SaaS Customer Service/IT Help Desk Vendors

Quickly Determine the True Character of Vendors-20 Tough Questions

How can you more quickly qualify and evaluate SaaS customer service and IT help desk software vendors?

This white paper discusses twenty groups of penetrating questions to ask SaaS Customer Service and IT Help Desk software vendors to determine their true character. A SaaS vendor is like a spouse. While "Dating" it is better to understand what life may be like after the "Honeymoon" is over. Ask these questions early in your qualification process to focus on the vendors that will be there for you long after they have your company's money. Use these questions to poke and prod at your list of vendors and then listen very carefully when they speak. What you learn will save you a great deal of time and money. Make sure to get their responses in writing!

Some topics covered include:

  • Uptime service level agreements
  • Support service level agreements
  • How to qualify a Data Center
  • Access to your data & rights
  • Source code escrow
  • Termination clauses, contract lengths, discounts, hidden fees
  • What if my company is dissatisfied?
  • What if my company finds better technology?
  • Deployment "out-of-box" or at what cost?
  • Preparing a TCO and comparing it to other alternatives
  • Vendor product roadmaps and commitment
  • Post implementation customization/configuration
  • Routine support vs. professional service fees

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