Salesforce Displaced By Giva-Eliminates 24 hrs/month Work

Case Study to Reduce Costs and Complexity of Service Cloud

Is poor design, limited functionality, slowness and the high cost of® Service Cloud impacting your customer service team?

Read this business case that compares Giva to Service Cloud:



For over 20 years, EDIMS has delivered evidence-based best practices to hospital emergency rooms through its information systems. Its flagship electronic health record (EHR) solutions are used at hospitals and long-term care facilities nationwide by over 2,000 physicians and staff to fully document emergency department patient encounters. The Giva Service Management Suite™ including Giva® eCustomerService™ and eKnowledgeManager™ was deployed in the cloud as the EDIMS customer service solution.

When compared with Service Cloud, the Giva Service Management Suite resulted in a:

  • 30% increase in productivity by using Giva dashboards and reports
  • Eliminated 24 hours/month of work to prepare reports
  • 50% decrease in time required to open cases
  • 50% easier to navigate and search Giva
  • 100% faster application response/speed
  • 85% easier to get up and running on Giva
  • 50% less time to maintain Giva on an ongoing basis
  • 80% decrease in time to generate and approve knowledge articles
  • 75% reduction in time to add new company/contact

Customer Quotes

"With Giva, we have reduced the amount of time that it takes to open a case by about 50%."

"The Giva application is over 100% more responsive and faster as compared to"

"The entire process of generating and approving knowledge is 80% easier in Giva."

"With, it required over two and a half minutes to add a new company and/or contact. With Giva, the time has been reduced by over 75%."

"The Giva reports make us 30% more productive and have dramatically decreased the amount of time required to generate and distribute quality reports…"

"We had to spend over 24 hours per month working with the reports to extract data. With Giva, we spend about 15 minutes per month generating reports and the information quality is superior."

"Giva requires 50% less time to maintain on an ongoing basis than even though they are both cloud applications."

"We were able to get up and running on Giva over 85% faster."

"The support from Giva is outstanding. It is night and day as compare to"

Chris Jerry, Support Center Manager, EDIMS
Steve Kazimir, Project Manager/Customer Support, EDIMS


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