Cloud Help Desk Software-Quickly Opening Service Requests

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Segment A: Opening a Quick Ticket service request in Giva

Here is the scrip to the video…just in case you want to preview before watching:

"With Giva, service requests can be created extremely fast.

After typing in the name, I just press enter.

Jim says the network printer is jammed. I'll quickly create a service request using a Quick Ticket for common recurring problems.

All fields are automatically completed.

All fields are all automatically entered with preconfigured defaults which can be changed on-the-fly. I'll raise the severity level to "Business Impacted" since Jim said many people cannot use this printer.

The Desktop service group members will automatically be notified and they can access the notification from their smart phones.

It's that easy and fast to create a service request.

Segment B: Opening an ordinary service request in Giva

I'll open another service request.

Dave's a senior partner and marked a VIP and there's also more customization to his profile. With the "View Recent Tickets" I can quickly determine if this is a new issue or one already logged.

The nature of request is a customizable category menu allowing unlimited categories and subcategories. I can use my mouse or type and tab to select.

An article with a problem and solution is presented. This solves Dave's problem so I give it good ratings and make it my resolution.

I'll quickly finish the call by completing a few fields.

Now, I'll also select a root cause, change status to closed, assign the ticket to myself.

In this section all the important information is well summarized, easy to view or edit and always right in front of me!

Finally, I'll click create and be brought back to the home page.

I'll open another service request.

Mary has a question about creating a table of authorities in WORD. I'll select the correct nature of request.

A form with some tips is presented. Unfortunately, this does not help me, but I'll answer the 3 questions and save this to the ticket.

I'll search the more extensive knowledgebase for an answer.

This knowledge article looks like the right solution. I'll email this to Mary.

I'll copy this article as the resolution to this ticket.

I'll finish up by rating the article.

And, if I had any feedback on the article I could post it in this section.

The 2 documents from the knowledge article have been saved.

Since Mary is very busy, I'll send an email to her and copy her assistant, Jane Wells, just to make sure that Many received the important documents from the knowledge article.

I'll quickly close the ticket with just a few more steps.

There is much more to lean about Giva so look at our other videos and customer success stories on the web site."