New Cloud Product Release-Customer Service & Call Center


Giva® today announced a significant new cloud product release for the industry's first visual reporting tools for customer service and call center organizations. Real-time reports can be generated within seconds even with very high volumes of complex data sets, allowing managers to instantly identify emerging trends and patterns to facilitate better and faster decision-making. Most of the real-time visual reports run in ten seconds or less with visual representation of data and drill-down capability.

"We used to spend over 24 hours per month working with the reports in® Service Cloud to extract data. With Giva, we spend about 15 minutes per month and the information quality is superior," said Chris Jerry, EDIMS Support Center Manager.

"The new Giva real-time reports make us 30% more productive and have dramatically decreased the amount of time required to generate and distribute quality reports to the executive team," said Chris Jerry, EDIMS Support Center Manager. "We used to spend over 24 hours per month working with the reports in® Service Cloud to extract data. With Giva, we spend about 15 minutes per month generating customer service reports and the information quality is superior. Giva is the 'Apple Computer' of cloud customer service applications." [Click to download the case study.]

The new product release features full color, high contrast charts and graphs that allow for more graphically driven data presentation to better understand relationships between all the call center data. Metrics, business analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are now displayed with more graphs and charts and allow customer service and call center managers to better identify emerging problems, issues, trends and patterns so that systemic changes can be made.

This new product release significantly benefits customer service and call center organizations which like to focus on increasing first contact resolution, increasing customer satisfaction, decreasing call volume with root cause analysis and exceeding service level agreements (SLAs). Giva's visual reporting tools make identifying trends and patterns easier and quicker and with less time building, running, sharing and reviewing reports. Customer service managers can also finally measure differences in performance between individuals and teams with data driven objectivity to know who to reward, who to warn and who to terminate.

"Giva's reports now have significantly more visual aspects and new functionality with this new product release resulting in even faster and higher quality decision-making", said Ron Avignone, founder of Giva, Inc. "Our reports and dashboards are extremely easy to use and do not require a company "report guru" as with most competitive products."

Learn more by taking a tour of Giva's customer service/call center reports, charts and graphs or sign up for a 30 day trial of Giva.

About Giva:

Founded in 1999, Giva was among the first to provide a suite of help desk and customer service/call center applications architected for the cloud. Now, with hundreds of customer driven releases, the Giva Service Management™ Suite delivers an intuitive, easy-to-use design that can be deployed in just days and requires only one hour of training. Giva's robust, fast and painless reporting/analytics/KPIs quickly measure team productivity, responsiveness and customer satisfaction resulting in faster and higher quality decision-making. Customization and configuration are all point and click with no programming or consultants required to deliver a substantially lower total cost of ownership. Giva is a private company headquartered in Santa Clara, California serving delighted customers worldwide.