Volunteer Grant Programs

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to support their employees who volunteer. Corporations want to recognize and support those who devote their personal time to admirable non-profit causes. Volunteer grant programs are some of the more popular initiatives that have recently emerged in the business community to address this need. Volunteer grants are donations made by corporations to nonprofit organizations at which employees have volunteered a certain number of hours. They are a way of providing funds to nonprofits at which employees have provided time.

Grant programs are easy to establish and provide many benefits to the volunteer community. They are an excellent way for corporations to support many different organizations and many different causes. As each organization has the support of an employee, grant programs are an excellent way to target initiatives that employees care about. Employees are encouraged to pursue their passion knowing they have the support of their company. For nonprofits, volunteer grant programs offer a means of procuring funds without asking volunteers for money. This important development has given nonprofit organizations an additional way to raise money.

Many large companies have now set up some version of a volunteer grant program. For example, Aetna will give up to $300 to eligible organizations at which employees have volunteered for 20 or more hours in a calendar year. Intel likewise has a program that donates money to eligible nonprofits after 20 hours of employee service. Volunteer grant programs are also easy to establish in smaller firms looking to establish some corporate citizenship initiatives. Ultimately, volunteer grants are about supporting employees who are supporting others. Companies are able to recognize and support great people and great causes.