Youth Volunteerism Spotlight: City Year

Anyone who is looking to perform volunteer work can find themselves lost in even knowing where to start. With so many options available, it is hard to know which ones deserve the extra attention. That being said, there is an organization that dedicates itself to educating the youth. City Year is an organization that takes and trains volunteers to go and "be" the support system for students who may not have one. These volunteers devote their time and efforts to encouraging students living in communities filled with poverty to get a good education. work hard and graduate. Tutoring is also offered free of charge for those who need it. Providing a solid education may be said to be the most effective way to give young people their best chance to lead a successful life. Helping these students through their schooling equips them to go out and get jobs for which they need a certain education.

Not only does City Year provide tutoring, they also offer the support that students may not receive at home or from their peers. The volunteers call and check in on their students and encourage them to go to school, study, etc. The volunteers also run after-school clubs, encouraging the students to get involved in something. They can engage with their school, community and work to learn about the world through their peers. Not only is City Year run nationwide in the United States, but they also have locations in London, England and Johannesburg, South Africa. And just about anyone can get involved! Students can participate and know they are changing someone else's life; and being a student allows them to better connect with the people they are helping. Former students are encouraged to get involved to provide the same support they have been given. City Year's main goal is to bridge the gap between having the resources to provide a good education to students and the support and encouragement needed to give students that extra push and motivation to succeed.

To learn more about City Year's over 20 locations in which to serve or to donate, visit their website

City Year