Giva 411: Volunteer Power Tools for the Nonprofit Leader

Volunteer Power is an organization with a definite focus: to "understand and equip the 21st century volunteer." Managed by Thomas W. McKee, owner and CEO of the training and development company Advantage Point Systems Inc., Mr. McKee is a volunteer, association management consultant, an educator, author, motivational speaker, and trainer. He proficiently collaborates with organizations and/or companies of varying sizes and types. Years of experience and knowledge qualify Mr. McKee to provide nonprofit leaders/visionaries with the content needed to reach their organizational goals. Co-authors Thomas and Jonathan McKee are volunteer leadership experts dedicated to helping nonprofit leaders mobilize the power and passion of their volunteers.

Volutneer Power

Volunteer Power's mission is "to give you the skills, training, and confidence in recruiting, motivating and managing the 21st century volunteer."

Services offered include keynote presentations for volunteers, association conferences and conventions, and conducting training workshops for volunteer managers to help improve volunteer programs. The website offers articles, significant website sources, workshops, trainings, and additional resources on wide-ranging aspects of volunteer management.

If your volunteer leadership "to-do" list contains any of the above, Volunteer Power may be able to assist you in realizing those goals.