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What to Do After a Bad Customer Service Experience

Bad Consumer Customer Service

It's over. You hang up the phone, close the chat window, log out of social media. Finally, after endless waiting and going back and forth, your customer service issue is resolved. Your computer now works again, your money is being refunded, or some kind of resolution has been reached. After a minute, that relief wears off and it registers just how terrible the whole experience was.

It shouldn't be that way. While there is a lot of information available on how businesses can improve their customer service, here is some information about what consumers can do when they have experienced poor customer service.

Make a Phone Call

Call the company's customer service department and ask for a manager. Let them know you had a poor experience with one of their representatives and explain the situation, including the person's name. It is important when making these calls to be calm and have an idea of what the company can do to make up for the bad experience. A manager can usually offer more compensation than a lower-level employee. Not every situation will end with something extra, but it does not hurt to ask when you feel like you have been treated poorly. At the very least, a complaint has been made and should be addressed with the representative to whom you originally spoke.

Write a Letter

Putting something in writing is a good step to take. Many addresses are available online so you can write to the corporate offices or directly to the company president or CEO. Write a letter that is calm, polite, and summarizes the problem you had with customer service and how you would like it remedied. If you took notes during your customer service experience or have documentation that is relevant, include those with your letter. Even though your issue was eventually solved, let the company know that the process was stressful and time-consuming to the point that you feel you deserve compensation.

Tell Someone

If you cannot get a company to acknowledge you or you feel as if they just brushed you off, start spreading the word that they have poor customer service. You can contact your local media about the company's behavior. There are websites where you can post reviews and comments about your experience. Social media is a good way to get the word out and many companies monitor what is said about them on Twitter and Facebook. You may even receive the compensation you had originally requested.


It is important to know that you have options when you receive bad customer service. Whether it is a little issue like a rude employee on a phone call, or a larger one like an expensive product that just does not work, no one should feel like they cannot speak up.