Points of Light’s Conference on Volunteering and Service: Benefits for Attendees and Beyond

In June of last year, Points of Light held their ninth annual Service Unites conference in the city of Detroit, to promote and commemorate giving back to communities on individual, group, and corporate levels. It is the largest yearly congregation in the name of volunteer work in the world.

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Points of Light was founded in 1990 in response to the George H.W. Bush administration's service initiative, the Daily Point of Light Award. Since then, it has become the most populous volunteer service organization in the world, committed to encouraging substantial participation in their countless programs and events to improve communities worldwide. Learn more about them here.

The Service Unites Conference is Points of Light's most significant event of the year. Participants were able to choose from over 150 workshops and seminars spanning several days. Hosted by motivational speakers, educators and corporate heads, the panels were focused on twelve different categories, including disaster services, next generation leaders, education, volunteer engagement, and social entrepreneurship.

Detroit was chosen last year as the host location because of the city's impressive resilience and community-building the last couple of years. Therefore, the itinerary included tours of the facility as well as downtown, to give non-native attendees time to enjoy their new surroundings and to showcase Detroit's achievements.

The enriching events were sponsored by dozens of companies which seek to exemplify corporate social responsibility, including JP Morgan Chase & Co, UPS, General Motors, Target, Disney, and Pepsico. The corporate involvement combined with the opportunity to collaborate with 3500 other attendees made the conference perfect for networking and mobilizing like-minded people toward a certain cause.

Points of Light wanted to ensure their philanthropic guests gain unique and entertaining opportunities to add to their educational and social experience. Registration included access to luncheons, receptions, dinners, and the facility's Exhibit Hall. There was also a tribute to known humanitarian, the late Muhammad Ali, as well as a "Welcome To Detroit" fireworks show.

Gathering and motivating citizens who consider community service a life priority is essential to ensuring the growth of an altruistic culture. This conference is proof that it is in all of society's best interest, from passionate individuals to multi-million dollar corporations, to continue learning how to reach for change and benefits beyond ourselves.

See the conference's website to learn more about the experience and register for this year—early-bird registration begins in February!