6 Upcoming Customer Service Events in the US for 2019

6 Upcoming Customer Service Events in the US for 2019

Customer service (CS) is becoming one of the biggest differentiators between successful and unsuccessful businesses. More specifically, there has been a rising focus on CS on social media and its effectiveness in increasing revenue. For this reason, many events in 2019 have decided to focus on the digital customer journey. Below is a list of upcoming CS events for 2019.

  1. Support Driven Expo Americas 2019: July 11-12, Viking Pavilion, Portland, OR

    SD Expo Americas is two days of networking, knowledge sharing and problem solving. A range of experienced customer support professionals will advise attendees on how to improve their customer support skills. Because the two-day event is multi-track, participants can customize their itinerary by selecting sessions that are most relevant to them. Each talk will only last 20 minutes and interactive workshops will be 45 minutes.

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  2. Customer Experience Summit: August 20-22, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL

    Disney Institute's Customer Experience Summit exists to help attendees develop their customer service, leadership and employee engagement skills. The summit will consist of a variety of keynote talks by distinguished professionals and business executives. Participants will also be able to experience the real life application of what they are taught through field experience in Disney Parks and Resorts. Disney aims to make the summit an interactive and inclusive event with plenty of opportunities for attendees to network with like-minded individuals.

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  3. Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit: September 26-27, Hotel Chicago Downtown, Chicago, IL

    This interactive two-day summit will feature a range of keynotes, talks, case studies and panel discussions by industry experts from industry giants. Attendees will learn about staying trendy through change, creating customer-led business strategies and developing strong, integrated digital marketing strategies that work towards a customer focused experience. Each day will be divided into two tracks so that attendees can customize their itinerary based on their interests and needs.

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  4. Chief Customer Officers, Fall: October 16-17, W Hobokon, Hobokon, NJ

    This two-day event is an opportunity for CCOs to network, share and gain knowledge on customer centricity and care. The event's main theme is how "to possess a holistic view of the customer." Accordingly, the agenda is divided into three main sections: mind, body and soul. The "mind" in this case refers to exploring and redefining the thought processes and strategies that go into customer service.The "body" section refers to the physical infrastructure and processes that customers use or experience. Attendees will be familiarized with this section through case studies based on live experiences. The "soul" section allows attendees to think about their reasons for doing what they do and their future plans. The final session will bring the three elements together to achieve the event's theme.

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  5. The Customer Service Summit: October 23-24, New York

    The CS Summit aims to assist attendees in solving two challenges, developing efficient internal customer-centric team strategies and external customer facing strategies. Moreover, over 40 experts from world renowned companies will discuss issues related to traditional CS, CS in the age of social media , as well as customer experience and analytics. The event consists of a number of keynotes, case studies, networking receptions and is divided into two tracks so attendees can tailor it to their needs.

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  6. Digital Experience Summit 2019: November 4-6, Marriott Marquis Chicago, Chicago, IL

    This conference focuses on customer-driven innovation. Hundreds of customer experience speakers from around the world will gather to educate attendees on the various technicalities and skills needed to transform the customer journey. The event will consist of many interactive workshops in which attendees can learn skills to apply in the real world, case studies, breakout sessions, keynotes and many networking breaks.

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