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"Before selecting Giva, I tested 15 different customer service/help desk SaaS options including Salesforce.com, Zendesk and Zoho. Giva stands head and shoulders above them all. The interface is very intuitive and easy to learn, it does not take long at all to train personnel on how to use it, and the features make it an amazing value for the price. It's also HIPAA Compliant, which is extremely important to my company. Every concern that I had, I was able to work through with some guidance from my account manager. The customer service has been exemplary."
- John A., Call Center Manager, Liberty Mobility Now
The Giva Service Management Suite™ provided Liberty Mobility Now with:
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Intuitive and easy to learn UI
  • Rich product feature set
  • High value for the price
  • Exemplary Giva customer service
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"Overall, a much better product than Zendesk and others we looked at. We are very happy with Giva. I have people on my team that never used a customer service system and they learned Giva very quickly. So much customization is possible. The dashboard is great for a numbers/metrics person like me. It's easy to drag/drop widgets and arrange my own home page. The tech support from Giva is excellent."
- Rachel R., PACS System Administrator, Strategic Imaging Consultants
The Giva Service Management Suite™ provided Strategic Imaging Consultants with:
  • HIPAA compliance for 40 sites
  • Higher customer satisfaction by about 40%
  • Higher support response when creating tickets via email
  • Self-service web form so customers can open requests
  • Very frequent cloud releases providing new functionality
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"We evaluated ZenDesk, Salesforce.com, Freshdesk and Zoho before deciding on Giva. Giva was the only vendor that met all of our function requirements and it's also the easiest to use. Giva is also much more fairly priced with a bundle of all modules which included all functionality. Other vendors carve up their products and try to extract extra money. The Dashboards and reports are phenomenal. We had some very big issues with onboarding new employees and customers due to our rapid growth. All of those pain points have gone away."
- Angel S., Director of IT, eAssist Dental Solutions
The Giva Service Management Suite™ provided eAssist Dental Solutions with:
  • Multiple independent service desks to deploy to other departments
  • Real-time reports to regularly present to senior leadership
  • Dashboard and reports to analyze key information and trends
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