What Makes Giva the Best Customer Service Software?

Giva's cloud-based solution means no bulky downloads, compatibility across devices & OS, rapid deployment & updates, top-level security & the best customer support team.
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How is Giva's customer service software different from competitors?

Save Time & Increase Productivity
Giva provides exceptional value in many ways:
  • Ease of use: Giva is the best customer support software because it's the easiest to use.
  • No downloads necessary: Today, the best customer service platforms and tools are not downloadable software programs, but instead cloud-based solutions and applications (apps). The Giva SaaS customer service approach only requires using a standard web browser, and also provides privacy and security compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other cybersecurity standards. Giva is cloud-based, so you never experience down time for hardware or software updates.
  • Easy to deploy: Giva is the best customer service tool since it's the easiest to set up and use every day, which are some our major points of differentiation. While your staff learns to use Giva's customer support SaaS, there will be no loss of productivity. It's very simple for most customers to get started on our customer service cloud application with a basic configuration. Each of the integrated software modules can be turned on when you're ready to use them. For example, you might want to start with our online customer service software ticketing module. Next, you might want to begin using a knowledge base or the self-service customer portal, which again are all highly integrated and can be turned on at any time.
  • Mature platform: Founded in 1999, Giva has accumulated substantial design and usability experience in the last two decades. We have non-technical product personnel that are always considering the user experience to create the best customer service platform available. All the other cloud customer service companies lack this design competence, and it is evident in their products. They allow engineers to do the very important UI/UX design work. Many of the companies that leave competitors for Giva tell us that our customer service cloud software is beautifully simple and elegant. It has neither too much clutter nor too little function. Giva has been building the best customer service system software since 1999, so we have decades of listening to customers and constantly refining.
  • Best customer service support: Customers describe us as "the Apple of customer service software". We continue to launch customer-requested new features and functionality with the greatest refinement of usability and simplicity. Giva is just simply the best web- based customer service software, since our products are extremely functional, robust, and user-friendly.

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Outstanding customer care from the best customer service software team

Giva is the best customer service software solution due to the breadth of our Product, Technical Support, and Account Management departments, which enable us to offer you exceptional support. Giva collaborates proactively with our customers to comprehend their ever-changing needs and demands.

Agile Software Engineering to bring the world the best customer support software

Cloud Software Productivity
Giva is the only and best customer support software that continually collaborates with its customers to create new and important features. In the past two and a half years, Giva has released 49 new customer support software versions. Every three weeks, a new release is launched using the Agile Software Development methodology. This gives our clients confidence that Giva will continue to be the best customer support software, since we're continually developing new features to improve their business outcomes.
All releases are transparent and seamless and posted to the customer service cloud, needing no effort or downtime. Our customer support software is subjected to additional testing because of our monthly release schedule, resulting in greater overall security. All releases are compatible with previous versions and never need customer work or reconfiguration.

Develop a long-term relationship now with the best customer support software team

Numerous clients have been using our customer support software for over 15 years. Our client retention rate is quite high, with an average tenure of 8 1/2 years. Giva is dedicated to becoming your partner for many years to come.
View Giva's responses to the three Tough Questions to Ask Your Software Vendor" whitepapers. These will enable you to pinpoint the numerous vendor differences that matter to you most. As you read Giva's responses in the whitepapers, we hope you conclude that Giva is singularly committed to a standard of "Outstanding". Giva sets an exceptionally high standard for its products, technical support, and client relationships. Some of your vendors are probably "Good", and some may even be "Excellent". However, Giva's standard is "Outstanding", yielding best-built customer support software. In today's highly competitive market, we recognize that you have numerous alternatives. Giva understands that we must continually earn your business, and we are dedicated to making you a raving fan of our customer support software.

What charaterizes the best customer support software?

Superior cloud-based privacy and security

HIPAA Compliant IT Ticketing System
Giva, founded in 1999, was one of the first companies to offer a HIPAA-compliant cloud-only customer service software. We began as a cloud-based business in 1999 and have a multi decade track record of customer satisfaction. Giva specializes in hospitals and healthcare and has a large installation base of these customers who have been using our customer support software for long tenures. Giva is utilized by healthcare, banks, law firms, and other global organizations all over the world that require a high level of security and compliance.
There are many security threats in the current environment, such as cyberattacks, breaches, viruses, etc. Customers that are not in regulated businesses nevertheless receive our HIPAA compliance at no extra charge. Our clients like our customer service software's data encryption, sophisticated firewalls, additional security, and the best compliance offered by any customer service cloud vendor.
Regarding your data, our infrastructure and security methods and procedures are considerably superior to those in the industry. With SSAE 18 SCO II Type 2 Certification and other compliance audits, Giva assures that your data is always secure. Cyber Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance is also maintained by Giva.

Robust, fast and painless reporting for improved decision making

Giva's customers can measure happiness, responsiveness, and team productivity with ease and speed. Our customer support software offers the most comprehensive reporting and analytics, enabling any firm to create a virtuous positive cycle. Reporting metrics can assist in identifying the root causes of problems and in answering the "why?" of problems. Once issues are fully understood and comprehended, they can be resolved.

Deploy within days and train in one hour: Intelligent and simple to use

Customers tell us that Giva is the best customer support software since it is so simple to implement. The administration is well organized, straightforward, and well documented. There's a library of videos for rapid learning and optimization of Giva. The videos are concise and to the point, typically lasting less than two minutes, making it simple to comprehend the start-up and customization process. Many customers begin the 30-day free trial with our default settings already activated and then make minor adjustments along the way. Less than an hour is required to begin utilizing Giva's customer support software.

No outsourcing is used to develop our best customer support software: All engineering and support are done in the USA

For customers in the United States, Giva's cloud servers are in redundant locations around the country and are managed by DataBank, an entity with 65 data centers in 29 markets and backed by the ownership of DigitalBridge (NYSE: DBRG). All of our infrastructure is managed by USA workers, and there is no outsourcing to other countries. All United States client data is always hosted in the United States.
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