Why is Giva the Best IT Ticketing System?

Giva delivers superior value in numerous ways, specializes in organizations requiring special security requirements, and is easy to use and intuitive, yet highly customizable.
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Giva delivers superior value in four ways: The best of all the IT software companies

Ease of use

Ease of use is our single most significant differentiator, and it makes Giva the best ticketing system. You won't lose productivity while your team learns how to use Giva's IT ticketing. It's literally as easy as plug and play. Giva has significant expertise in design and usability. We have nontechnical product people that think all day long about user experience with the goal of being the absolute best ticketing software system. Most ticketing system companies do not have this expertise.
Our customers say we are the "Apple of IT Service Management". We continue to deliver new features and functionality that our customers request with the highest level of ease of use and simplicity. Giva is the best ticketing software system since our applications are highly functional and powerful, but at the same time easy to use.

Customer care

Giva is the IT best ticket system since we have depth in our Product, Technical Support, and Account Management organizations to provide you with an outstanding level of service. Giva proactively engages with our customers to understand their evolving needs and requirements that will undoubtedly change over time.

Agile Software Development

Of all the ticketing software systems, Giva is the only one that constantly works with its customers to deliver new valuable features. In the most recent 2 1/2 years, Giva launched 49 new software releases. We use the Agile Software Development process to launch a new release every 3 weeks. This provides our customers assurance that Giva will remain the best help desk ticketing system as we are constantly adding new value to achieve better business results. All releases are in the cloud, transparent and seamless requiring no effort or any downtime. With our frequent release schedule, our ticketing software systems are subject to more testing, and thereby resulting in higher overall security. All releases are backward compatible and never require any customer intervention or reconfiguration.

Long-term partnership: Committed to be the best ticketing system

We have many customers that have been using our IT ticketing system for over 15 years. Our customer retention is very high with the median tenure of 8 1/2 years. Giva is very committed to be your partner for many years into the future. See Giva's answers to the three Tough Questions to Ask Software Vendor" whitepapers. These will allow you to clearly identify the many vendor differences that really matter to you.
As you read Giva's answers in the whitepapers, we hope you conclude that Giva is singularly focused on a standard of "Outstanding". Giva sets a very high bar for our products, technical support, and our customer relationships. Many of your vendors are probably "Good" and some may even be "Excellent". However, Giva's standard is "Outstanding", with the best ticketing system. In today's very competitive environment, we know that you have many options. Giva knows that we must earn your business every day, and we are committed to make you a raving fan of Giva's ticketing software systems.

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How is Giva's ticketing system different from competitors?

Superior cloud-based security and privacy

HIPAA Compliant IT Ticketing System
Founded in 1999, Giva was among the first to provide a HIPAA-compliant IT ticketing system architected only for the cloud. We started as a cloud company in 1999 and have over a 22-year record of pleasing customers with the best ticketing system.
Giva specializes in hospitals and healthcare and a large install base of these customers with long tenures of using our ticketing software systems. Giva is used by healthcare IT companies, banks, law firms and other organizations all over the world that demand high security and compliance.
In today's environment, there are many security risks such as cyberattacks, breaches, malware, etc. For our customers not in regulated industries, they still receive our HIPAA compliance at no additional cost.
Our customers appreciate the data encryption, specialized firewalls, extra security, and best compliance that our ticketing system offers. With respect to your data, our infrastructure and security processes and procedures are far above and beyond what competitors offer. We have an SSAE 18 SCO II Type 2 Certification and other compliance audits that assure your data is always safe with Giva. Giva also maintains Cyber Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance.

Robust, fast, and painless reporting for higher-quality decision making

Giva customers can easily and quickly measure customer satisfaction, responsiveness, and team productivity. Our ticketing system provides the best reports and analytics, which can assist any organization in creating a virtuous cycle. Report metrics can help customers understand the root causes of problems and facilitate understanding the "why?" of problems. Once problems are understood, they can be solved.

Deploy in days, train in 1 hour: Intuitive and easy to use

Our customers tell us Giva is the best ticketing system because it's so easy to get up and running on Giva. The administration is well organized and simple to follow with clearly documented steps. There's a video library to help quickly learn and optimize Giva. The videos are short and to the point, often lasting less than 2 minutes each, so it is easy to understand the customization process. Many customers start with our default configuration already enabled in the 30-day free trial and then make minor changes along the way. It only takes less than an hour to begin using Giva's ticketing system.

No outsourcing

For USA customers, Giva's cloud servers are in redundant locations throughout the USA and managed by Databank, which is an organization with 65 data centers in 29 markets and backed by the ownership of DigitalBridge (NYSE: DBRG). All our infrastructure is managed by USA workers, and there is no outsourcing outside of the USA. All USA customer data always remains hosted the United States.
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