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Giva is HIPAA Compliant!

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Giva eKnowledgeManager
Providing the right information at the right time leads to better decisions. The challenge is to quickly connect employees, customers, and partners to the right information, while keeping your costs low.
Giva eKnowledgeManager™ is a knowledge base application that helps you capture knowledge as it is created so that it can be distributed and shared with the right individuals at a later date. Giva eKnowledgeManager streamlines creating, categorizing, and retrieving knowledge.
Giva is HIPAA Compliant!
Giva makes HIPAA compliance very easy for our customers since the data center, hardware and software infrastructure of Giva's cloud help desk software meet the very strict HIPAA compliance regulations. Giva uses HIPAA-compliant data encryption to ensure that all PHI data in hospital and healthcare electronic health and medical records is secure.
Giva's HIPAA-compliant security approach uses a comprehensive, multi-tiered security strategy to protect PHI in electronic health and medical records combined with a multi-tenant infrastructure to manage costs for our customers. A security-first approach means that a regular assessment of application vulnerabilities is a key part of providing the highest levels of data security for PHI from electronic health and medical records. Proper log management is utilized for anomaly detection and forensic analysis.


  • Natural language, Boolean, and keyword search engines
  • Self-service Web portal with centralized knowledge base
  • Option to quickly open service request, if answer not found
  • Standard, customizable knowledge workflow, including notifications
  • Authoring and approval tools based on industry best practices
  • Advanced tools for batch record import/update and on-going management
  • Rich text formatting with the ability to attach screen shots and files to knowledge records
  • FAQs and most frequently used solutions sections
  • Problem solving score, an automatic knowledge rating based on usefulness
  • Seamless integration with your Web site
  • Visitor feedback, tracking, and reporting
  • Nine pre-defined, customizable reports
  • Reports to evaluate knowledge quality and quantity by creator
  • Multiple, independent knowledge bases for use by different departments
  • Seamless integration with ticketing module
  • ITIL-compliant


  • Reduces support costs by capturing lessons learned from previous service requests
  • Reduces staff turnover cost by ensuring that your organization's knowledge does not walk out the door
  • Enhances customer satisfaction by speeding problem resolution, providing consistent, fast answers
  • Increases employee productivity by keeping information consistent, accurate and up-to-date
  • Decreases training costs by keeping service personnel informed on diverse, rapidly-changing information
  • Decreases training time of new hires by facilitating knowledge transfer from expert staff to empower less-experienced staff
  • Increases employee satisfaction and loyalty by recognizing employees that contribute valuable knowledge used and highly rated by peers
  • Improves staff efficiency by allowing employees or customers to find their own answers to questions
  • Helps reduce the number of issues directed to a call center
  • Improves service quality by providing service personnel with quick answers to questions