Add a Broadcast Message

Learn how to use broadcast messages to communicate with agents or customers/employees


Broadcast Messages in Giva's software provide a seamless way to communicate general messages to both Agents and Customers. Whether it's an important update, a system notification, or any general announcement, Broadcast Messages ensure that your communication reaches the intended audience effectively.

Creating a Broadcast Message

Accessing the Broadcast Feature

To create a Broadcast Message, navigate to the upper right of any page, mouse over "Alerts", and select "Broadcast". This will take you to the Broadcast messaging section.

Setting Up Your Message

Once in the Broadcast section, click "Add New Broadcast". Here, you will have several options to tailor your message:
  • Selecting Service Groups: Choose specific service groups whose members should see the message. This allows you to target your communication to relevant teams or departments.
  • Including Customers: Optionally, you can select 'Customers' if they should see the message when logged into the Self-Service Portal. This is useful for announcements that impact your customer base.
  • Crafting Your Message: Type in the message you wish to broadcast. Ensure your message is clear and concise for effective communication.
  • Setting an Expiration Date: If the message is time-sensitive, select an appropriate expiration date. This ensures that the message is displayed only during its relevant period.
After setting up these details, click "Save" to save and activate the message.

Viewing the Broadcast Message

On the Home Page Dashboard

Once your message is saved, it will automatically be displayed on the home page dashboard if it's a new message. For ongoing visibility, an "Important Notifications" link will appear in the warning bar at the bottom of the page. Clicking on this link will display the message.

In the Customer Self-Service Portal

If you have configured the message to be visible in the customer self-service portal, it will automatically be displayed to customers when they log in. This ensures that important information reaches your customers in a timely and efficient manner.
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