Add a New Customer Service User or Organization

Add a user and assign authorizations

Manual Addition of People or Organizations

Navigating to Profile Creation

To begin adding profiles manually, hover over the blue "+" icon in the top navigation and select "People/Organization". This will direct you to the profile creation page.

Filling Out the Profile Form

When adding a Giva Agent or an employee of your organization, use only the first and last name fields. The Company field becomes disabled when you start typing a name. Conversely, to add a customer's company, enter the company name, which then disables the first and last name fields.

Adding Contacts to Companies

Creating Company Profiles

After adding a company profile, you can then add individual contacts. Contacts are individuals who work for your customer companies. Within the company profile, click "Add Contact" and fill out their information. When creating tickets, you can search for either the company or the contact name directly.

Ticket Association with Contacts

In the ticket, the "Customer" will be listed as the company, with the contact name included if selected. You can change the contact name by selecting from the Contact list.

Completing the Profile Form

On the "Summary" tab of the profile form, fill in the required fields, which are clearly notated. All other fields are optional. Once the necessary information is entered, you can save the profile, assigning a simple "customer" role that allows access to the Customer Self-Service portal if desired.

Assigning Roles and Service Groups

Roles and Licensing

Under the "Roles & Service Groups" tab, you can assign roles that provide varying levels of access and authority within the Giva system. Companies or contacts typically do not require a paid license, whereas roles like Giva Agents or Administrators do. For more information about Giva licenses, click the provided links.

Service Desk Access

In this section, set access roles for various modules within a service desk. For example, a customer role permits access to the Self-Service portal for viewing personal tickets. You can also authorize individuals to see other people’s tickets, such as in the case of a supervisor.

Finalizing Profile Details

Details Tab and Custom Fields

On the "Details" tab, you will find additional optional fields, including any custom user profile fields created for your company’s profiles. Fill in these fields as necessary to complete the profile.

Saving and Locating the Profile

After entering all the necessary information, click "Save" to secure your changes. To locate and edit a profile later, select "People" in the upper right, enter the person’s or company’s name, and press Enter.
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