Add a New Change Management User

Learn how to add a new user profile, including assigning authorizations to the Giva system


Adding a new user to Giva's Change Management platform is a straightforward process that allows you to quickly integrate new members into your team and grant them the appropriate level of access.

Starting the Process

To begin the addition of a new customer profile, navigate to the top menu of any page within Giva. Hover over the blue "+" icon and select "People" from the dropdown options. This action directs you to the necessary page to create a new user profile.

Filling in the User Details

Summary Tab

On user creation page, you'll begin on the "Summary" tab. Here, it's important to fill in the form with the user's details. While some fields are mandatory, others are optional. To set up a password for the new user, click the "Change Password" button. Giva provides a login credential security policy, accessible via the information icon next to the "Password" field, to guide you in creating secure login details.

Roles & Service Groups Tab

This section allows you to assign company-wide roles across all service desks, differentiating between customer/employee profiles (which do not require a paid license) and other roles that pertain to active system usage (such as Administrators) and necessitate a license fee. You can also define access to specific modules within a service desk and assign more advanced roles.

Details Tab

The "Details" tab presents additional optional fields for the user profile, including any custom fields your organization has implemented. Once all pertinent information is entered, simply click "Save" to finalize the new user profile.

Finding and Editing User Profiles

After successfully adding a new user, locating their profile for any future edits is efficient. From any page within Giva, select "People" from the upper right corner, enter the user's name, and press the Enter key to quickly access their profile details.
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